Avoid These 3 Dream Killers To Make A Lucrative Income Online

3 Dream Killers To Avoid To Make A Lucrative Income Online

Are you an online entrepreneur looking to make a lucrative income online working from home, yet at the end of the day, you look back and don’t really know where the day has gone?

What happened? Where did the day go?

What did you accomplish?

Did you see any results from what you have been doing all day long?

Have you ever given any thought what is holding you back? 

Everyone has these issues…at least to some extent.  If you don’t…you’re simply not human.

But you can become conscious of them and then move forward with a plan.

Today I am going to show you three of the biggest dream killers to think about and help you to get disciplined so you can start to get better results to achieving a lucrative income online.

1. Distraction: Number One Of Dream Killers

Oh Yeh Distractions will stop you from getting the results you want with making income online.

What are you allowing that gets you out of your working mode that is holding you back from reaching your goals.

Here Are A Few Huge Dream Killers?

  •  Frequently checking of your e-mail? 
  • How about Social Media for hours at a time? 
  • It could just be your kids, spouse, or even your pet?
  • Is your phone on, texting?

These are the main dream killers that are stopping you from getting things done, you may have a few more or maybe these don’t have an effect you.

But I do know when I started scheduling time for these kind of activities that I immediately started to get better results making income online.

That’s the number one step to conquer this number one dream killer!

Schedule time for everything that you do in your daily action plans.

2. Procrastination: This Is Yet Another One Of Those Huge Dream Killers

As an online entrepreneur you should know that you need to get to writing or producing content, make videos, start driving traffic and following up with your prospects but what do you do?

You put it on the back burner and say I will get to later, only to find out that yet another day has gone by and it is still sitting on your to-do list and not done.

See what I mean procrastination is one of the huge killers of success nothing gets done!

So I am going to tell you pretty much the same as with distraction, you need to put this into your schedule, don’t put it off, schedule it and do it, get it done and check it off your list, get over these dream killers so you can finally start building a lucrative income online.

3. Overwhelm: Yet Another One Of Those Dream Killers

Oh Boy, in this day in age with all the information that everyone sends to us, all the training calls and webinars that are on your to do list, I must say this is another one of those huge dream killers.

You just get so overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do, so you actually get frustrated and do nothing and get no results at all.

Are you a victim of one of these dream killers?

Well you have to start thinking about these killers of your success differently and start thinking about how this is going to help you build lucrative income online.

You have to allow this to happen, yes we all get overwhelmed, but you have to learn to work with it, you can’t avoid it, so just do your best and do the things that need to happen to get the results that you want.

You need to just stay focused on the end result at all times. Well I could just keep going on and on about the subject of dream killers, yes this is a subject that I do take seriously.

You can get over these dream killers by disciplining yourself and by scheduling time for everything.

Now let me introduce you to all the tools and resources that are needed to make a lucrative income online.

I will also give you 14 days to check everything out FOR FREE and show you a legitimate way for you to make money on the internet while doing so.

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As always, thanks for visiting my blog!

Chery Schmidt

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I Am An Internet Marketer!

Becoming An Internet Marketer

Yesterday I got a new FaceBook Friend and she asked me what I did for a living! I told her I was an Internet Marketer!

She then asked me exactly what did I do?

We then got on the phone and I proceeded to tell her all about the world of an Internet Marketer.

I then decided to share it here with you on my Blog! So let’s first see what Google has to say about this….

What’s An Internet Marketer?

An internet marketer creates income for themselves through online marketing. … An popular method for internet marketers to earn is to provide online marketing or digital marketing services for clients, which generally includes: web design, SEO, PPC, Social media marketing and everything in-between. 

So with that said, now let’s get started with my take on this.

Yes I am creating an income here online, actually multiple income streams for myself!

What I do is create tons of content and share share share with the world! Back in September 2017 I got started as a Beauty Guide!

 In order to become an online marketer with this company I had to purchase a starter kit!
I then have to pay $9.95 a month for my website, back office, training tools and such!

Well I built this business up for 6 months and was making some money but was not even close to where I wanted to be!

It was at this time another Internet Marketer and FaceBook friend of mine introduced to me another Business!

This one was a marketing system!

Now this was more like it!

Time to add some residual income along with my commissions coming in from the sales from my Beauty Guide Biz!

So I took the free 7 day trial and jumped right into the training, I also started sharing what I was up to!

Well within the first few hours I already had new people coming through the system to give there 7 day trial a try along with me!

This Biz costs me $50 a month to stay active! And I do receive $25 from each person who also purchases after the 7 day trial! I did end up with 6 people joining me the first week, SO BINGO! 

Multiple Income Streams As An Internet Marketer

Well it wasn’t to long after I got started with this when one gal who teamed up with me in this Biz introduced me to another concept of being an Internet Marketer.

This my friends was a whole new ballgame so to say for myself! One where we help aspiring entrepreneur such as inventors and musicians get their careers started.

We make pledges to support projects and once these entrepreneurs get famous we will be rewarded with royalty payments for the life of that product or service!

Of course this may take me a while to start generating income as a Internet Marketer, but I for one was up for investing a one time $249 to get set up for future success.

So let’s fast forward to Jan 2017! My Internet Market journey just keeps getting better and better!

In 2018 I was able to QUIT MY JOB and work full time and as an internet marketer, but let me tell you….

While there are days that I will do more work than others (Sleepless nights and 16 hour marathons are not uncommon)

I do pretty much work in some capacity 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Although I am not punching a time clock I am never really truly disconnected. Even if that is just an hour catching up on emails and fretting over stats, I am always on top of what goes on with my businesses and my teams.

So when I was invited to take a look at becoming a Founding Member at a New Revolutionized Marketing Solution, one that would help me automate my current businesses with sales and leads.

Well You Know!

I Was All Over It!

And on January 8th I jumped in with a $97 investment to become a Founding Member!

We are now waiting for a 400,000 ad campaign to come through so I as an Internet Marketer and over 10,000 other Founding members can finally get Financial Freedom!

So this is my journey as an Internet Marketer!

I am NOT where I want to be but I know I am one step closer then I was yesterday.

I do have links throughout this post so if you do click on them and join me. YES I Will Make Money!

Sweet Right?

This is exactly what I do!

I put out content that attracts an audience and helps them as an Internet Marketer make money in return.

Chery Schmidt

Are You Ready For A Lifetime Of Residual Income?

A Lifetime Of Residual Income

So did my title get your attention? Are your ready for a lifetime of residual income?

First let me share a little more about what residual income is before I tell you how you are going to receive it OK!

To me Residual Income is the amount of money that we have left over after accounting for debts, typically on a monthly basis.

Building a residual income is a great way to reach financial freedom. Talking about Financial Freedom, I wrote a post last week where the title was Your Invitation to Financial Freedom!

I did have quite a few people take me up on this invitation and although the CEO did share a 45 minute webinar many of them still had questions.

This why I chose to talk about residual income and yes how we are going to receive this income.

But first let cover the invitation and the benefits of becoming a Founding Member first! 

Benefits of Founding Members

1. The Founding Members is annual and allows for the Founder a top notch position prior to public launch.

2. The Founding Members is a VIP status of the official OP launch.

Its also extremely limited completely optional and is currently deeply discounted. Upon launch it may not be available for at least six months and will be $997 when it does become available after launch! 

Get Ready For A Lifetime Of Residual Income

It will be done with a new type of marketing solution for us.

The platform will provides/supplies web hosting, auto-responder, sales funnels (tangible goods and services) which will generate us residual income and financial freedom!

You will get your own platform where you will have a complete business, done for you 100% automated complete marketing system like you have never seen before!

Traffic is provided, signups are guaranteed, trained and closed for you with every method possible while you enjoy your life!

This is the way Internet Marketing should be done!

All the tools that we will ever need in one place.

Cool Right?

So each of these services will be offered at different levels! The first level is to become an affiliate at $25!

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels will all be the primary levels and will come with guaranteed visitors. Each level will have a online of services, benefits and a unique pay plan!

All I can say is this is going to be a very different model, one where we all succeed with residual income.

You can either purchase your way in or wait until the system yo does its magic and pays your way up the ladder for you, so to say! 

Right now this part has NOT launched yet!

Right now we are just adding Founding Members! Once we close the door, which will be happening soon, then we as founding members will be part of a 400,000 marketing campaign which will get us all some spillover for the start of our residual income!

We will then test the system before we go live and make sure everything is perfect before we go live to the public.

We are all are about to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So the next part I would like to talk about how this residual income is all going to take place.

Your Lifetime Of Residual Income

There will be a total of 3 matrices;

Your Personal Matrix, the company-wide 3×10 (to infinity) matrix, and a Universal matrix. All of the information below pertains to after we launch and not to the Founder positions.

Your Personal Matrix – this is a unilevel matrix and will contain all those whom you have personally sponsored, whether they are someone you have personally signed up or they became your personally referred through the system, with the guaranteed traffic and signups. These members will always be a part of your personal matrix and you will be able to share with them any other business opportunities you are involved with, that are being promoted by the system. As of yet, we do not know the criteria of the business opportunities we will be allowed to promote. However, we will know all of that, before we launch.

The Company-wide 3×10 (to infinity) Matrix – this is a company forced matrix that pays UP 15 levels. So, no matter who personally sponsored someone, if they land in your matrix anywhere, 15 levels below you, you get paid for them. 

This will be the primary income generator of our system, and believe me this residual income will be phenomenal!

The Universal Matrix – Our system will also be used by other companies and businesses that want to offer their members a traffic generator. We will brand pages for these companies, using their brand and logo, and when their members want to use our system, and they pay the one-time $25, they will also become a part of the 3×10 (to infinity) Company-wide matrix, even though they are primarily interested in promoting their own company or business.

This will isn’t a typical company matrix like all others you have either been involved with or heard about… This one is much much different then your typical matrix… Once thing I found very different is there will be NO PassUps!!

Once You Are In You’re In!

This company composition plan is for absolutely everyone, recruiters and none recruiters alike. There will be several options for us to be paid our residual income! There will be a wallet where you will fund your levels (ONE TIME) and then another where you cn take your money out 24/7!

This business is being designed for absolutely everyone who sees the vision.

The CEO has partnered with some great leaders in the industry and they are planning for millions of people to join us in this business. There are now 4 offices open and many more on the way.

So I do hope this helps clear up some of the questions that I have been receiving and gets you as fired up and excited as I am to start receiving Our Lifetime Of Residual Income.

Click Here To Get Accept your Invitation Now.

See you On The Inside

Chery Schmidt

P.S. I will share more as I learn of it, God Bless

Your Invitation To Financial Freedom

Here Is Your Invitation To Financial Freedom!

I am sure you have heard people say if you want 2019 to be different from your past years, financially speaking… then you MUST do something different!

Well what if there was a way to have your online business completely built for you, complete with guaranteed traffic and guaranteed signups?

And what if this work was done for you 100% on autopilot, hands-free with a one time low cost investment?

Would it be worth it to you to take a look, especially if you knew that you had zero risks?

If you said, “No” then you need to stop reading right now and go back to whatever you are doing to make ends meet.

However, if you said, “Yes” then get ready to be pat of the first “No Recruiting” adventure; a “No Selling” adventure; and a “No Explaining” adventure once we launch this to the world.

Right now, we are inviting the last remaining few who will be fortunate enough and wise enough to see the vision and become an  Foundering Member as an online business owner with access to ten thousand of people who are already involved to receive financial freedom.

What would it feel like for your business to be promoted for you automatically, all across the web while you are on vacation or playing with your children and grandbabies?  

Yeppers Your Invitation To Financial Freedom

It does not matter if you have ever worked online or not. It does not matter if all you have ever known is working for someone else. 

And if you do have experience in online marketing and if you are like me and would LOVE to be part of an opportunity to create a phenomenal passive, residual income online and financial freedom is in your blood and you will never be completely satisfied working at a J.O.B., making someone else wealthy!

Then listen up!!

I am here to extend a personal invitation for you to become an Founder Member along with me and the thousands of others who have joined before you to get involved today in the last online venture you and I will ever need to join and if you are ready to take your life back. 

Click Here Right Now And Get Started.

Listen, I was not looking to get started in anything new in 2019, but when this came across my desk, I knew this is exactly what I have been looking for. 

The Idea Of No More Recruiting, Selling or Explaining For Financial Freedom SOUNDs GREAT TO ME!

Like it states above there is no recruiting necessary but I for one cannot keep this idea of auto pilot financial freedom to myself!

So this is the whole purpose of this invitation today. This is just too good to keep all to myself, so do yourself and your family a favor and accept my invitation, I promise you will see why! 

Listen up though, this invitation will not be here forever, as the time for you to act is quickly coming to a close. 

I joined as a Founding Member to get set up for my financial freedom on January 9th, 2019 at which time there were already 6500 other involved. As of today we have over 10,000.

So this is REAL My Friends!!

This is not just another program or another online business opportunity.

We all know that in today’s world of advanced technology, you have to keep up if you want to stay in the game.


So when I heard about this Brand New Technology that will eliminate the need to sell or recruit I knew this will be a game changer in the industry and I for one needed to get all in.

Listen this is NOT going to cost you an arm and a leg to get involved, this new technology will be the solution for all of us here online who have ever been faced with the problem of not only how to get new customers but how to retain them. 

And let me share this with you… The best part is that when you take advantage of this new financial freedom venture, it will not only help you with you build your current business but also provide a monthly residual stream of income for you. 

So, not only do you benefit from new customers, but you can also get paid when you use it without you doing the heavy work!

Well I do hope you are paying attention to me and do take me up on my invitation to at least take some time to watch this video here.

See You On The Inside,

Chery Schmidt

P.S. Have Questions? Be sure to comment with me on FaceBook By Clicking Here Now!

Happy Birthday To Me And Happy New Year To You!!

Wooo Hooo Today Is My Birthday!!

So Happy Birthday To Me!!

I also wanted to send you guys a quick note (my last blog post of 2018) to Wish You All A Happy New Year!

Can you believe it’s already time for 2019?

I am so excited to celebrate my birthday and ring in the new year with my Family and Friends!

2018 has been really good to me and I’m thankful for all that I have, my health, family and friends – and all My Online Partners, Customers and Acquaintances! 😉

It is truly a Blessing to have so much CRAZY Support for My Businesses.

Once Again! Thank you all for being the most loyal readers on the web!

I Love You All!

So as another chapter of our lives comes to end once again, it is that time of year to reflect on what has gone before and what is yet to happen.

Happy New Year

Ringing in the New Year is a cause for celebration, for spending time with friends and family, and for looking back.

A New Year, New Us?

Well, not really but the arrival of a new year often provides opportunities to look back and reflect.

The New Year brings with it a fresh start with new friends and new opportunities!

On this last day of the year many people remember the past year’s achievements and failures and look forward to the promise of a new year, of a new beginning.

We take stock and plan new courses of action on how we can better our lives.

Then comes New Year’s Day, the first day of the year!!

This is the day where most of us evaluate our lives, our values, it is seriously the most active-minded holiday of the year! 

Why do we bother making these New Year’s resolutions anyways?

I will tell you why! Because we all want to enjoy that sense of purpose, accomplishment and pleasure that one feels when achieving our goals.

It Is A New Year!

So more than any other day of the year, it just seems like anything is possible, since we have 365 to accomplish anything we set our minds to..

Yeppers!! It Is A New Month, A New Season, And A New Year!!

Did you set any goals for 2019? Do you truly Believe anything is possible?

The Choice Is Yours!

Listen I don’t want you to cut yourself short! Not This Year! Not In 2019!!

Maybe you just need someone to believe in YOU!! Goals can be hard to put in place and harder yet to follow through when you are in it alone.

Listen, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Not Anymore.

You Have Me!

I Believe In You!

But you also need to believe in yourself and realize what is real and right for you.

Ready To Take Action!

Starting January 1st We Are RUNNING A HUGE PROMO Where Our Professional Team of Content Creators and Webdesign Specialists will Build YOU a $6000 Sales Funnel FREE for Your Business.

Don’t Have One? We Got you Covered There To With Residual Walk Away Income!

We are going to train you on how to get MASSIVE Results!!

We have an insane brand new training with all the nuts and bolts in place where we will hold your hand teach you everything you need to know how to make 2019 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!!

Anyways No money needed to try this out for FREE! 

Let Our Design Team Work For You And Uncover A New Found Personal Success in 2019 and Beyond!

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Timing Is Everything, so go ahead and let us give you the road map to more signups, sales and conversions, of course with my help as well.

Start 2019 Out Right By Living The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of!!

Uncover A New Found Personal Success Today!

Just Do It

May Your 2019 Be Filled With Support, Love And A Whole Lotta Magic!

Happy New Year.

Chery Schmidt

Smile And Live A Happy Life


Nope!! Life is not always going to be easy!

All those things in life that you know will make you happy!

Smile And Live A Happy Life

   Nope Not Easy!

When we are miserable, we shrink into the second-rate versions of ourselves, yet when we are happy, we smile, we thrive!

So it just seems like a no brainer to me then, Right?

Let’s All Just Smile And Be Happy!

But life happens and we know this is not always going to be true.

I will tell you this though, if you continue doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results, occupying the same space you have been occupying for years!

You are not going to grow nor will you get to that next point in your life that will make you happy!

You do need to be truthful with yourself and ask…

What are your dreams?

What are your goals?

Your desires?

What is it that is going to make you happy?

I can almost guarantee, if you asked yourself right now….

Am I 100% happy with my life the way it is right now?

The answer would be NO!

Smile And Live A Happy Life

As a matter of fact 85% of the population of the entire world would admit that they are not doing what they love! Most of the population gets up each morning, head to work and NO they are NOT SMILING AND NOT HAPPY!

They know what they are doing does not work for them.

So why do they they continue on down this path?

I will tell you why!!

Because they are comfortable and are afraid of change!

So if you keep playing it safe and staying comfortable, occupying the same space that you have been occupying for years, YOU WILL NOT GROW.

Perhaps you are just not willing to go through the motions to be happy, to achieve those goals and to get to that next level in your life!

What is it going to take for you to take that step to push you over the edge?

Smile And Live A Happy Life


What will cause you to do the things you are not quite ready to get uncomfortable with?

What will it take for you get to that point of greatness, to smile and live a happy life?

The point I am trying to get to is you will never get to that point in your life if you don’t start taking action now!

You do know this is your choice Right?

So are you comfortable being comfortable?

Are you afraid of what you don’t know?

Afraid of what others think of you?

Afraid of failing?

If you truly want to Smile and Be Happy, you do need to focus on You!

Not what others think is right for you…

So what is it that you want?

Now for my main question?

Why won’t you go get it, smile and be happy?

I will tell you why?

Because, You are Happy living your comfortable life!

You like being comfortable!

You like having walls and cushions to fall back on!

But guess what?

You will never smile and truly be happy and achieve your goals until you put yourself in the position where you have no choice but to win.

You can either sink or swim!

Do or Die!

When you find that one thing that will work for you.


You will then find the resources that will help you SMILE and start living a happy life!

Things will start to happen, things that you never thought would be possible without taking that jump.

So let me tell you, there is one thing that you have to do if you want to live a happy life!

There is only one thing!

And that my friend is to take the first step!

The Jump Into Happiness!

Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s To Success

Here’s To Happiness


Chery Schmidt