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Hi There.

I’m Chery Schmidt !

Let me personally show You how you to can start enjoying each day living the laptop lifestyle.

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Thanks so much for giving me a couple of minutes of your time.

Minutes that I’d like to use to talk a little more about my motto.

Love What You Do & Do What You Love

I feel it’s a motto more people should take note of and live by.

Now maybe you are looking at jumping into the home business arena, and you’re doing your research, and you want to find out if a company is legitimate, does it work and will it work for you, or maybe you’re in a particular mlm or network marketing company and you’re struggling and you’re just not making the money you think you should be making.

Well, I Can Help You.

Since December 2010 I have been in the online marketing arena, first as an Internet Marketing Coach, training with some top leaders in the industry, then as a home business owner myself in a various network marketing and mlm opportunities.

And what I’ve learned over these past 9 years has shocked me.

What I’ve discovered is that most people jump into a home business, mlm or a network marketing opportunity with the wrong expectations and the wrong information.

This is why 97% of home based business owners fail.

For one thing you need to STAY FOCUSED!

Then YOU Need An Awesome Product Line, As well as the Tools and Training to Help You Succeed!

And you also need guidance and support.

So without all this your standard success rate is a Measly 3%.

Well I was really starting to break ground and started getting ahead in 2016, then in January 2017 my mom took a tumble and ended up in the hospital!

So at this time I decided to put my life on hold and move in with parents!

mom and me

On March 15th my mom passed away and I fell into a terrible depression!

I didn’t or should I say couldn’t deal with talking to anyone, so I just shut down and didn’t do a whole lot of anything. I just kept to myself, I guess this was my way to deal with moms death.

It may not have been the right way, but it was my way!

This time around I am doing it right!

So let’s fast forward to today Jan, 2019, I am now in a position where I can help people worldwide start to Love What They Do & Do What They Love and Start Living A Laptop Lifestyle!

Listen I Am Going To Be Perfectly Honest With You!

I Not A Millionaire YET!!

But I am closer then I was yesterday! I am generating several income streams here online and listen to this one, I Did Retire My JOB In 2018!

So let’s get started….

In Sept 2017 I started My Beauty Guide Biz!

I became very passionate about helping women everywhere look and feel more confident by sharing our professional make up and all natural skin care line with them.

You can check this Business out by clicking here..

Then in March 2018 I got started with a free 7 day trial with an Amazing Marketing System! Tools we all need for our businesses, Oh Yeh, I plugged right in and was ahead of the game so to say before I made my investment!

Meaning There Is MONEY To Be Made!

Oh Yeh! It was time to add some residual income along with my commissions coming in from the sales from my Beauty Guide Biz!

You can get started with your 7 day free trial here.

Then in May 2018 one of my business partners introduced me to a new way to make me some more money here online! 

This my friends was a whole new ballgame so to say for me! One where we help aspiring entrepreneur such as inventors and musicians get their careers started.

We make pledges to support projects and once these entrepreneurs get famous we will be rewarded with royalty payments for the life of that product or service!

Of course this may take me a while to start generating income as a Internet Marketer, but I for one was up for investing a one time $249 to get set up for future success.

Grab your position here now.

Now coming into 2019 I was content with all I had going on with my businesses. Finally making some money along with an investment plan in place when one of my business associates invited me to take a look at becoming a Founding Member at a New Revolutionized Marketing Solution, one that would help me automate my current businesses with sales and leads. 

And Ya Know What Happened?

I Did My Due Diligence And Decided This Is Exactly What I Have Been Looking For!

Click Here For Your Personal Invitation to Become A Founding Member!

Listen if you are not ready to jump in as a Founding Member this is A OK! This is just beginning of something HUGE!

So keep your eyes on my Blog or better yet, just get connected so I can help you make the best decision on what is right for you.

I am looking for positive people to work with, those who have a burning desire in the bottom of their hearts to the the souls of their feet to turn their life around so you too can “Love What You Do And Do What You Love”..

Is this you?

If so go back and read this page again and again until you are ready to take action!

See You On The Inside

Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

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Oh Yeh I am always ready to do whatever it takes to make things happen and help YOU strive for Excellence!