4 Simple Steps To A Great FaceBook Live

4 Simple Steps To A Great FaceBook Live.

Hey Guys, Chery Schmidt coming to you Live from her home in Northern Wisconsin!

So are you ready to learn the 4 simple steps to a Great FaceBook Live?

If so grab yourself some popcorn and a drink, click on my picture below and watch the video below now.. 

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4 Simple Steps To A Great FaceBook Live

Let me take a few minutes here and go over each step for you here once again.

1. Introduction: This is just a no brainer Right? Share who you are and where you are checking in from, perhaps you could share a little bit more about yourself. Or a little story. Just Keep It Simple!

2. Question:  What is your FaceBook Live going to be about! Ask that question! Once Again- Keep It Simple!

3. Content: Share Share Share Value! Give them the answer to your question. Give tons of value! The juicy content, Easy Enough, Right?

4. Call To Action: Tell your audience what you want them to do with your FaceBook Live. Could be as easy as leave a comment, message me for more. Click the link below. Or transition right into the CTA! Have no clue to hat this is? Not to worry we can work on this together OK?

Well myself, I like to go for the conversation vs the sale. You want to start building relationships, this is where the transitions come in.

Did You Like My 4 Simple Steps To A Great FaceBook Live?

So hope you did indeed get some value here today and are ready to take me up on this challenge of getting yourself out there and doing your 1st FaceBook Live!

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