I Am An Internet Marketer!

Becoming An Internet Marketer

Yesterday I got a new FaceBook Friend and she asked me what I did for a living! I told her I was an Internet Marketer!

She then asked me exactly what did I do?

We then got on the phone and I proceeded to tell her all about the world of an Internet Marketer.

I then decided to share it here with you on my Blog! So let’s first see what Google has to say about this….

What’s An Internet Marketer?

An internet marketer creates income for themselves through online marketing. … An popular method for internet marketers to earn is to provide online marketing or digital marketing services for clients, which generally includes: web design, SEO, PPC, Social media marketing and everything in-between. 

So with that said, now let’s get started with my take on this.

Yes I am creating an income here online, actually multiple income streams for myself!

What I do is create tons of content and share share share with the world! Back in September 2017 I got started as a Beauty Guide!

 In order to become an online marketer with this company I had to purchase a starter kit!
I then have to pay $9.95 a month for my website, back office, training tools and such!

Well I built this business up for 6 months and was making some money but was not even close to where I wanted to be!

It was at this time another Internet Marketer and FaceBook friend of mine introduced to me another Business!

This one was a marketing system!

Now this was more like it!

Time to add some residual income along with my commissions coming in from the sales from my Beauty Guide Biz!

So I took the free 7 day trial and jumped right into the training, I also started sharing what I was up to!

Well within the first few hours I already had new people coming through the system to give there 7 day trial a try along with me!

This Biz costs me $50 a month to stay active! And I do receive $25 from each person who also purchases after the 7 day trial! I did end up with 6 people joining me the first week, SO BINGO! 

Multiple Income Streams As An Internet Marketer

Well it wasn’t to long after I got started with this when one gal who teamed up with me in this Biz introduced me to another concept of being an Internet Marketer.

This my friends was a whole new ballgame so to say for myself! One where we help aspiring entrepreneur such as inventors and musicians get their careers started.

We make pledges to support projects and once these entrepreneurs get famous we will be rewarded with royalty payments for the life of that product or service!

Of course this may take me a while to start generating income as a Internet Marketer, but I for one was up for investing a one time $249 to get set up for future success.

So let’s fast forward to Jan 2017! My Internet Market journey just keeps getting better and better!

In 2018 I was able to QUIT MY JOB and work full time and as an internet marketer, but let me tell you….

While there are days that I will do more work than others (Sleepless nights and 16 hour marathons are not uncommon)

I do pretty much work in some capacity 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Although I am not punching a time clock I am never really truly disconnected. Even if that is just an hour catching up on emails and fretting over stats, I am always on top of what goes on with my businesses and my teams.

So when I was invited to take a look at becoming a Founding Member at a New Revolutionized Marketing Solution, one that would help me automate my current businesses with sales and leads.

Well You Know!

I Was All Over It!

And on January 8th I jumped in with a $97 investment to become a Founding Member!

We are now waiting for a 400,000 ad campaign to come through so I as an Internet Marketer and over 10,000 other Founding members can finally get Financial Freedom!

So this is my journey as an Internet Marketer!

I am NOT where I want to be but I know I am one step closer then I was yesterday.

I do have links throughout this post so if you do click on them and join me. YES I Will Make Money!

Sweet Right?

This is exactly what I do!

I put out content that attracts an audience and helps them as an Internet Marketer make money in return.

Chery Schmidt