Are You Ready For A Lifetime Of Residual Income?

A Lifetime Of Residual Income

So did my title get your attention? Are your ready for a lifetime of residual income?

First let me share a little more about what residual income is before I tell you how you are going to receive it OK!

To me Residual Income is the amount of money that we have left over after accounting for debts, typically on a monthly basis.

Building a residual income is a great way to reach financial freedom. Talking about Financial Freedom, I wrote a post last week where the title was Your Invitation to Financial Freedom!

I did have quite a few people take me up on this invitation and although the CEO did share a 45 minute webinar many of them still had questions.

This why I chose to talk about residual income and yes how we are going to receive this income.

But first let cover the invitation and the benefits of becoming a Founding Member first! 

Benefits of Founding Members

1. The Founding Members is annual and allows for the Founder a top notch position prior to public launch.

2. The Founding Members is a VIP status of the official OP launch.

Its also extremely limited completely optional and is currently deeply discounted. Upon launch it may not be available for at least six months and will be $997 when it does become available after launch! 

Get Ready For A Lifetime Of Residual Income

It will be done with a new type of marketing solution for us.

The platform will provides/supplies web hosting, auto-responder, sales funnels (tangible goods and services) which will generate us residual income and financial freedom!

You will get your own platform where you will have a complete business, done for you 100% automated complete marketing system like you have never seen before!

Traffic is provided, signups are guaranteed, trained and closed for you with every method possible while you enjoy your life!

This is the way Internet Marketing should be done!

All the tools that we will ever need in one place.

Cool Right?

So each of these services will be offered at different levels! The first level is to become an affiliate at $25!

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels will all be the primary levels and will come with guaranteed visitors. Each level will have a online of services, benefits and a unique pay plan!

All I can say is this is going to be a very different model, one where we all succeed with residual income.

You can either purchase your way in or wait until the system yo does its magic and pays your way up the ladder for you, so to say! 

Right now this part has NOT launched yet!

Right now we are just adding Founding Members! Once we close the door, which will be happening soon, then we as founding members will be part of a 400,000 marketing campaign which will get us all some spillover for the start of our residual income!

We will then test the system before we go live and make sure everything is perfect before we go live to the public.

We are all are about to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So the next part I would like to talk about how this residual income is all going to take place.

Your Lifetime Of Residual Income

There will be a total of 3 matrices;

Your Personal Matrix, the company-wide 3×10 (to infinity) matrix, and a Universal matrix. All of the information below pertains to after we launch and not to the Founder positions.

Your Personal Matrix – this is a unilevel matrix and will contain all those whom you have personally sponsored, whether they are someone you have personally signed up or they became your personally referred through the system, with the guaranteed traffic and signups. These members will always be a part of your personal matrix and you will be able to share with them any other business opportunities you are involved with, that are being promoted by the system. As of yet, we do not know the criteria of the business opportunities we will be allowed to promote. However, we will know all of that, before we launch.

The Company-wide 3×10 (to infinity) Matrix – this is a company forced matrix that pays UP 15 levels. So, no matter who personally sponsored someone, if they land in your matrix anywhere, 15 levels below you, you get paid for them. 

This will be the primary income generator of our system, and believe me this residual income will be phenomenal!

The Universal Matrix – Our system will also be used by other companies and businesses that want to offer their members a traffic generator. We will brand pages for these companies, using their brand and logo, and when their members want to use our system, and they pay the one-time $25, they will also become a part of the 3×10 (to infinity) Company-wide matrix, even though they are primarily interested in promoting their own company or business.

This will isn’t a typical company matrix like all others you have either been involved with or heard about… This one is much much different then your typical matrix… Once thing I found very different is there will be NO PassUps!!

Once You Are In You’re In!

This company composition plan is for absolutely everyone, recruiters and none recruiters alike. There will be several options for us to be paid our residual income! There will be a wallet where you will fund your levels (ONE TIME) and then another where you cn take your money out 24/7!

This business is being designed for absolutely everyone who sees the vision.

The CEO has partnered with some great leaders in the industry and they are planning for millions of people to join us in this business. There are now 4 offices open and many more on the way.

So I do hope this helps clear up some of the questions that I have been receiving and gets you as fired up and excited as I am to start receiving Our Lifetime Of Residual Income.

Click Here To Get Accept your Invitation Now.

See you On The Inside

Chery Schmidt

P.S. I will share more as I learn of it, God Bless