Avoid These 3 Dream Killers To Make A Lucrative Income Online

3 Dream Killers To Avoid To Make A Lucrative Income Online

Are you an online entrepreneur looking to make a lucrative income online working from home, yet at the end of the day, you look back and don’t really know where the day has gone?

What happened? Where did the day go?

What did you accomplish?

Did you see any results from what you have been doing all day long?

Have you ever given any thought what is holding you back? 

Everyone has these issues…at least to some extent.  If you don’t…you’re simply not human.

But you can become conscious of them and then move forward with a plan.

Today I am going to show you three of the biggest dream killers to think about and help you to get disciplined so you can start to get better results to achieving a lucrative income online.

1. Distraction: Number One Of Dream Killers

Oh Yeh Distractions will stop you from getting the results you want with making income online.

What are you allowing that gets you out of your working mode that is holding you back from reaching your goals.

Here Are A Few Huge Dream Killers?

  •  Frequently checking of your e-mail? 
  • How about Social Media for hours at a time? 
  • It could just be your kids, spouse, or even your pet?
  • Is your phone on, texting?

These are the main dream killers that are stopping you from getting things done, you may have a few more or maybe these don’t have an effect you.

But I do know when I started scheduling time for these kind of activities that I immediately started to get better results making income online.

That’s the number one step to conquer this number one dream killer!

Schedule time for everything that you do in your daily action plans.

2. Procrastination: This Is Yet Another One Of Those Huge Dream Killers

As an online entrepreneur you should know that you need to get to writing or producing content, make videos, start driving traffic and following up with your prospects but what do you do?

You put it on the back burner and say I will get to later, only to find out that yet another day has gone by and it is still sitting on your to-do list and not done.

See what I mean procrastination is one of the huge killers of success nothing gets done!

So I am going to tell you pretty much the same as with distraction, you need to put this into your schedule, don’t put it off, schedule it and do it, get it done and check it off your list, get over these dream killers so you can finally start building a lucrative income online.

3. Overwhelm: Yet Another One Of Those Dream Killers

Oh Boy, in this day in age with all the information that everyone sends to us, all the training calls and webinars that are on your to do list, I must say this is another one of those huge dream killers.

You just get so overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do, so you actually get frustrated and do nothing and get no results at all.

Are you a victim of one of these dream killers?

Well you have to start thinking about these killers of your success differently and start thinking about how this is going to help you build lucrative income online.

You have to allow this to happen, yes we all get overwhelmed, but you have to learn to work with it, you can’t avoid it, so just do your best and do the things that need to happen to get the results that you want.

You need to just stay focused on the end result at all times. Well I could just keep going on and on about the subject of dream killers, yes this is a subject that I do take seriously.

You can get over these dream killers by disciplining yourself and by scheduling time for everything.

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Chery Schmidt

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