About Dan


I loved golf…and goofing around.

Growing up in Miami, FL provided me with being able to play all sports, all year around.  While I excelled in football, baseball, and basketball throughout my youth and high school years, golf won out as my true passion.

I won several tournaments in the Dade Amateur Golf Association in Miami and played 4 years in senior high school.

 After attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, for two years, I decided to transfer to Loyola University New Orleans, which ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made.  New Orleans is where I “grew up,” and I consider that great city my first home.

Loyola graduation with Tracey, Natalie, and Kathy!

I had the honor of graduating from Loyola in 1994, but even though I had a degree from a very good school, my focus was still on golf and eventually turning pro.  Soon after graduation I was selected as Loyola’s first ever Golf Coach, which officially started my career as a golf professional.

For the next 4 years I worked on my game constantly in the restaurant industry at night in the French Quarter.  It was a very hard, grueling process to get my game in shape.

In 1999 I turned professional in golf and was a touring pro for a little over two years.  After getting my butt whipped for most of that time, I finally won my first professional tournament in Panama City, FL, in December of 2001.

While that was a culmination of a lot of hard work and a LOT of failure along the way, the post-9/11 world made it very hard on my sponsor to keep me playing full-time.  She called me to let me know she regrettably had to pull out of her sponsorship, which was a crushing blow.

That was my first real taste of the risk in relying upon others for your life and income.

Begrudgingly I went back into the restaurant business and also worked at a few Denver area golf courses as a club pro.  While that was fine for that time in my life, I was still in a lot of pain from losing out on my dream of potentially earning a spot on the PGA Tour.

While Denver is a beautiful place(I still miss it), I couldn’t do my golf thing all year round so I decided to move to Orlando, FL, where I ran and operated my own golf academy for 8 years.

But something was missing.

Even though I had my own business, it was still like a job.  I was still a slave to a schedule, and clients, and weather.  It was a grind.  I was burnt out.  Business was slowing down, especially during the summer.

So one day I did what most shortsighted people do and went looking for a part-time job to supplement my income.  Here I was burnt out from having one job and now I was looking for another.  How does that make sense?

I was on Craigslist and came across an ad claiming I could get paid for blogging.  Since I like to write I clicked on it and before I knew it I was in my first internet marketing company.  I wasn’t even looking for it but that day changed my life forever.

It was then I realized that if I just learned what I needed to learn and apply the skills other successful marketers were already implementing, I could succeed on my own terms and not have to rely on anyone else.

Like anything new, it took a little time to get my routines down, but what has happened since has been glorious.

I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars in the online world(including several $3000 days), have helped and sponsored hundreds of people, and came to realize this is the life I was born to live.  Helping others live their dreams truly keeps me going every day and is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.


Ray and I in Orlando being recognized as top earners!

My grinding revealed to me the easy ways and hard ways to go for people to leverage the internet for passive income, and it is my pleasure to share my expertise with those that are dedicated to their success and a better life.

While being on stage at multiple company events as an earnings leader is gratifying, being up on stage with my own teammates means more to me than anything, because helping others achieve massive results is most important to me.

I know I will be helping many more people in the future achieve similar results.

Because of my new-found time and financial freedom online, I have been able to fulfill a dream of moving into one of my favorite cities, Chicago.


Sophie and all the babies together.

My girlfriend Sophie and I have been together for over 11 years, and have three amazing pets.  My wonderful old man Pete, who is a 16-year-old dachshund, a 7-year-old Yellow Labrador named Maude, and a 6-year-old Tortoiseshell cat named Gudby.

Spending all the time I want with these 4 babies is the reason I do what I do, and I will help you do the same!  Let me know how I can help you and I’ll get to work on making it happen.



I, Dan Spiegel, walk forward with a vision of abundance and a no-excuse
approach in helping others achieve any results they desire.

I dedicate myself to excellence physically, financially, emotionally,
and spiritually.

My ultimate goal is to lead by example that the life we were told we
are supposed to live does not have to be so.  Leaving our futures in
the hands of others is not the destiny of the successful.

I will continuously focus on creating success for all of my team,
making their goals and dream of paramount importance to me.  I
will give back true value to my community with thankfulness and

Striving and continuing to grow is a promise I make to myself and
others, for it is sharing such growth that inspires and motivates others
to partake in the actions that create astonishing results.

I will be a leader in my local community and consistently be thankful
for my life and the lives I am helping create that is in line with true
prosperity, abundance, and happiness.