Welcome To My Page Michael Mikovich

My Name Is Michael Mikovich, I am 48 from Louisiana and I Really love Marketing from Home. Has It Always Been Easy? No Not at All

I Struggled For Years and Years, I even took a break for a long time but I know I Always Had The Itch! I always Been Creative and Always Loved Helping Other People!

Big issue we are having with online marketing is only 5-7% Really make money from home. Everyone wants to do it and believe me i failed time and time again. Spent money on bad leads, junk traffic and scripts that didn’t work.

I Did All The Right Things:

  1. I Made A List Of Friends, Family and People I knew Who Cut My Hair!
  2. I Would invite them to watch my videos, listen to my dvd or drag to meet up with me to a hotel presentation
  3. I would go hand out flyers and business cards
  4. I would by google ad words and got nothing
  5. i would by the company website that was supposed to be turn key and automated– but it wasn’t!

I was Frustrated… Lost and Confused!

I Spent A Lot Of Money, Wasted Time and Was About To Throw In The Towel Until I heard This Video!

I Watched It, Then I Went To The Webinar and I Was Really Blown Away Because It Showed Me How I Could Get A Lot Of Leads and Weekly Cash Flow For My Primary Home Based Business

After 20 Years Of Trying, I was Finally Taught The Right Way To Market and Was A Very Humbling and Growing Experience.

All I Do Now:

1)Show People To A 14 Minute Presentation

2) If They Like It, Have them Watch a Webinar That Explains Our Free Program

3) Give Them More Free Training In The Form of 3 Video Boot CampsĀ 

4) Have Them Sign Up For A 7 Day Free Trial, Give Them a Page to give others and Follow Steps 1-3

That is All We Do!

Go Ahead Take Step 1… I look forward to knowing more about You

Michael Mikovich

318-676-9006 call or text me