Very Inexpensive Ways To Build Viewers

Free And Inexpensive Ways to get tons of Traffic

Invest in An Inexpensive Domain Name….. go to and Invest in an .com or .info – Prices Ranges $10.99 to $1.99

I bought Both of The Domains

Get something that people can Remember… I wanted success with mike but it was already taken but easy to remember

I Talk to People Sometimes they are like What is Your Website i can say

Now Today People With Their Cell Phones Can just connect to the internet and type in the URL

Instant Access to My Website take them right to my presentation- Having an Easy to Remember Domain Helps

Also You can Go To and order 500 Business Cards for $9.99 and give this to people when you meet them, have your name , phone number email and website

Have A Card Says Tired Of Struggling? Want to Learn How To Build Your own

I knew A Guy who took business cards and placed them everywhere and did very well in his MLM

Also Left tips with his Card where it said Make Insane Income Giving Away Free Marketing Systems

You can also Print Flyers Out for Dirt Cheap- I know Some People Say use more expensive Paper — Nope white Paper Worked Just Fine, You are Giving them free information and don’t spend a lot of time with that. Remember, the key to get as many people in front of your biz op as possible

You can also buy cheap leads with people’s Addresses And Mail out to them with Flyers and Cost of A Stamp

(I ll go into Offline Mail Marketing Later)

Also post flyers or Biz cards in Libraries, Bars, Casinos, Place of Worship, Restaurants , Doctor offices and Banks

Be Creative and Have Fun With it

Test it with Your Voicemail Sizzle Call like me ]

  • Dial:¬†(641) 715-3900
  • Enter¬†569833#


Come Visit My Free Training Site at

Have Fun with it…. Marketing And Training should be fun so have fun with it



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