How To Get Paid Multiple Times For No’s!

I Am Going To Show You How You Can Get Paid Multiple Times For No’s!

When People Say No, I can Still Earn Money Of Off Them, How Can That Be?

Well , I Learned a Hard Lesson, I Would Try To Pitch My Deal (you know MLM Or Network Marketing Special), I Would usually use my crappy corporate page and They didn’t have a way to capture people’s information which includes name, phone and email so you can follow up with them

I Was Failing and I Also Wasted Money on Marketing tools, leads that didn’t work and no way to stay in. I spent more money then i got on return!

I Then Found An Amazing System- I learned To Combine A Free Program that really pays out real Money- The Seed I Call It– The Cash That Can Help Grow Your Seed Money that can go Towards A Marketing System Where You Can Build A Leads List, Create Amazing Pages, Blogs, Text Marketing and Email Marketing!

The First Seed Is The Simple Program, You Can See The Step By Step System Here

It is 100% Free! I Am Very Serious at what i am talking about, I have made close to $500 in Free Seed Money

I Use The Marketing System That I Show How People can use this for a 7 Day Free Trial

I Will Create Amazing Capture Pages, With Great landing Pages , Show You How To Use Blogging, How to use offline marketing and much more with our system.

You Pay $50 Per Month but You Will Receive $25 Per Month and It is A Residual Income Maker- check it out here

So What I Show You is

  1. How To Make $20 Per Person In Free Cash (Seed Money)
  2. Build A Marketing System that will create non stop leads, instant cash flow and residual income (Also Be Taught by 7 figure earner how to build your brand, get more sales and really make a home based business)
  3. Choose Any MLM Company You Want and will have success because you earn free seed money, bring leads in and easy system of duplication by using 2 programs lead in with a free program and low cost program

So even if people don’t join your mlm you can still make $20 from free program and make $25 per month from them to help build their mlm program


Founder Positions For A New Launch!

Hi My Name is Mike Mikovich and when i see something worth looking at i like to share with others especially something that will be very big.

This is a RARE chance to be in at the top of something that will be HUGE!

Please watch this 23 minute presentation by Ash Mufareh, a new project from a greatly respected, successful and honest marketer….

I’m sure we can all relate to the problems he discusses in this video. Most importantly, he is presenting a strategy that is designed for everyone to earn with his new plan….

The key points for those who are not active recruiters are;

  • Top marketing automation done for you
  • Real time guaranteed visitors and sigh ups done for you
  • Breakthrough products to automate your success
  • No sponsoring or selling required

After watching the video above you can watch this second video for more information about the founder offer if needed, but…..

Basically you have 2 options….

1. Wait for the program to launch at which time you can join for $25. I’ll send an update when the program launches in about one month.

2. Act Now and request a founders position for $97 (hurry, limited positions available)

In order to do this you can send a message to Ash Mufareh
using this email address >>>>

In the subject line write “Requesting Founder Position”

In the message body please include the following…

Full Name –
Email Address –
Phone Number –
Sponsor’s Full Name – Michael Mikovich

Watch for a message from Ash which will provide the payment options. There is a huge advantage for the founders as you will learn in upcoming updates from Ash and myself.

Important – Please let me know if you move forward with the founders position so I can add you to my team update.

Huge plans for this project along with a very extensive and loyal network and resources needed to make it happen for everyone who joins now as as founder or when the program launches. My best advice is to join us right now as a founder and, as soon as Ash confirms your payment, you can send this same invitation to your contacts.

As Always I wish you wealth, happiness, and much success!!

Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

To Our Success,,
michael mikovich


contact skype andrewmikovich

Different Free $20 Capture Pages I Created With The Conversion Pros

I Decided To Create A Lot Of Different Capture Pages and Landing Pages from The Conversion Pros. With The Drag And Drop I Can Create Different Capture and Landing Pages.

Here is One I Created Here, I think it Looks Sharp– Different From Other Pages out There

The Simple Credit Capture Page  you Would Use The Code a91e625c

It Would Connect To The Landing Page

The Simple Credit Landing Page  You Would Use The Code a5d207c6

Remember When You Enter The Codes Always Edit The Pages With Your Links Too Your Simple Card Sign Up Page!

You Would Use The Auto Responder Code of ee40ca98

Another Capture Page I Use Is A Lot Like The One Above Except I Added A Picture for more a little self branding. Don’t Hide Yourself from The Internet, People Want To Work With You!

The Simple Credit Capture Page (2nd picture version)  you Would Use The Code 6dbac8bc

It Would Connect To The Landing Page

The Simple Credit Landing Page  You Would Use The Code a5d207c6

Remember When You Enter The Codes Always Edit The Pages With Your Links Too Your Simple Card Sign Up Page!

You Would Use The Auto Responder Code of ee40ca98

I Suggest People Follow These Rules

1)Never Use A Corporate Website- What looks better a Good Capture page with curiosity Like This The Simple Credit Capture Page (2nd picture version)  or just a capture page like this if someone sees it and they pass on it they never get your information like this page

2) Brand Yourself With Videos, Pictures and Blogs. People Join You Not The System just by itself– Make it where people can find you, contact you via email or phone number  , I Always add call or text me 318-676-9006 — Make Yourself Available

3)Play Around With Different Capture Pages and be creative — I thin a big art of marketing is being creative. Write Good Ad Copy, Don’t Make it To Long and Have Fun With It

Mike Mikovich



Good Ways To Build Your You Tube View Rates!

Some Very Good Ways To Build Your You Tube Videos– One of The Most Effective ways to build a following and attract people to you is the use of You Tube Marketing

Imagine getting hundreds if not thousands of views… Granted there might be some bot or fake views but if you do it right you can build an organic following

First of You Want To Use Fiverr  (just google fiverr), very easy to set up and i ll spend a $5 on a you tube videos to get 1,000 Views that will attract other viewers and rankings to your video.

With exception of few people… all the gigs i hired out to people to promote you tube videos have been very good, quick and great low cost resource for traffic.

How to order you tube views to build rankings video

Ping Your Videos!!! Yes Ping Your Videos!!!

Google the word Pingomatic and it has 3 spaces

Type In The Name Of The Video on you tube

then you will put in the url two times and check box everything– pinging your videos will get the message we are being indexed  and building more organic traffic to you

Really easy

Here is a Ping Your Video Video 

Now the last is really easy to do, every time you shoot a video just post your link on blogs of other marketers (but make sure you give value) just don’t spam them with your videos

Post a link on social media–twitter, facebook, ibo toolbox..reddit– if there is a social media platform post it on there… the internet spider likes social media too

i did a video about connor mcgregor when he started that fight on that bus in public, i mentioned a little about that then went into my blog… I ended 2 sign ups and a lot of traffic so be creative once in awhile, keep people active

Have A Great Day


call or text me 318-676-9006

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You Tube Marketing For My Free $20 Program

A Really Good Way To Get Noticed Online is Using You Tube Marketing

There Are A  Lot Of Good Resources You Can Use To Make Really Good videos for You Tube, Vimeo and other various You Tube Software! You Can Google it and will give you tons of free resources

I Personally Like Screencastic-o-matic (google it) works good on chrome,safari, firefox and internet explorer You Can Download It For Free

So What Are The Purpose and Why You Tube can be very effective… One of the best way to get really good true internet traffic  is through you tube.. People like to visualize– I Do A Combo of Both Recording Myself and recording like step by step training lesson

Great Way To Show Value and Let  People to get to know you. You Can Share Some Nuggets to get people interested in knowing you more. Remember People Join You and thart is just the bottom line when it comes to marketing

Great things about You Tube Marketing — You can do it for Free and No Money Out of your Pocket to spend on advertising. A Free Great Resource– You Can Use Your Phone or computer if it has microphone or built in camera or buy an external one if you equipment don’t have.

Great Way To Get Organic Traffic For Long Term– I Sill Get Emails for more info on one of my programs that went out of business 7 years ago– it works

Great Rankings on all the search engines and if you outsource you can really get tons of traffic– The More People Engage the more your pages will Rank

This is just one of the free tools — Tons of Trainings out there to really utilize– the best one i have seen was from david dubbs get a 7 day free trial here and watch his webinar on you tube marketing , Get 7 Day Free Trial Here (no credit card needed)

Just Another Way To Promote The Amazing Free $20 Program , Check it out here and get set up .. You get $20 (that makes people smile in itself)

Hope you enjoyed understanding why you tube is important to have


Call or Text me 318-676-9006

3 Great Ways To Get You Tube Traffic!
The Downliner - The Ultimate Cooperative

Learn How To Leverage Free Cash Into Big Bucks!

How Many Times Have You Seen Very Cool High Ticket Programs That looked very cool but you just simply Didn’t Have The Funds… I know this happened to me many of times and it is frustrating

There Are People Making Serious Money With These High Ticket Items and Some Of These Programs Everything is Done for you

One Program I Saw For $5,000 they will mail out all of your mailings, answer your calls and you earn huge 70% Commissions and everything was included — it  would be like that would be cool have a totally free passive system earning me money but… you don’t have the money

I know that has happened a lot even on some very good $200 program or a really cool MLM Program… the Problem I Don’t Thin there are anything wrong with the programs but it is lack of money for a lot of people to get started with.

So My Focus Was To Help People With Ways To Earn The Cash Upfront with no money out of pocket— Teach Them Marketing Techniques so they can make multiple $20’s and believe me this free cash system I use builds huge momentum and I Was able to buy into one high ticket item for a few hundred bucks and i didn’t even spend a dime out of my own pcoket… that in itself is very cool

If you Follow This Easy Step By Step System– You Will Earn Multiple $20 Payments over and over — Just Follow The System Here

I am averaging about $40 A Day that is 2 People A Day that would be $1200 in One Month!

Just Think About The Numbers and The Leverage You Can Have Following The Simple System I Teach!

Sign Up Get Your Card and Use This Program to make real money in higher ticket price items!


How To Leverage Other People’s Money

One Of The Easiest Ways To Make Money is Learn How To Leverage Other People’s Money!

That is Right, You Don’t Have To Into Debt– Use What I Teach You How To Make Money From These Resources

First Thing You Can Do Is Show You How To Get Free Money, Yep You Heard Right! Free Money!!!

I Show People How They Can Get Free $20 Payments- I Have a Step By Step Instruction on How To Get Started! There are no fees, no need to make a deposit, No Minimums Required but you can make $20 over and over again just by following this easy step by step system

Click Here

This Program has made Hundreds of Dollars In Free Cash- Why Not You?

Also Another Good Way To Use Other People’s Money is Using Paypal Credit– There might be a program you want to join but maybe don’t have the needed funds to join or maybe want to use money to get some advertising.

Paypal Credit is a good resource, as long as you make a minimum payment of $27 per month you can borrow up to $200-$500 and good way to get signed up in a medium ticket program or mlm and it has worked very well. I like to have it handy if i want to buy traffic or maybe use letters or postcards to mail out i can use this and when i make money make my payments to keep it caught up

Credit Cards with low interest rates Are Another good way too… just keep an open mind but follow these simple steps

I Would Personally Use Free Simple Card System To Get Started before taking a loan out though, get signed up here 

Have A Blessed Day,

Thanks Mike


The Concept Of The Free $20 Funded Proposal

I Struggled For Years and Years To Make Money Online and It Was A Struggle.

I Remember I Would Go To Hotel Meetings, I Would get Inspired And Spend Money I Didn’t have to join a great vitamin company or great travel program and I Made No Money In Return!

I Was In Debt to my eyeballs  and Not Making Money But I Am Like Ok, Let’s Try This and it would fail, I tried that and it would fail.

One Day, I Saw a system Where This Guy Talked About The Funded Proposal — I Was Like Funded Proposal? I Was Very Interested and He Talked  About he Used Very Low Cost Programs to Make Money Up Front, Help Build A Leads List and Taught How People How To Take That Money And Leverage That Into Other Programs That Paid A Lot Of Money and Would Pay A Lot of Money That Will Pay You Residual Income

I Was Like This Makes A Lot Of Sense!!!

So When I Found The Free $20 Program, I Can Use This To Show How People To Make Money Right Away, Build Trust With Them. (Right Now, One Time Money)

Introduce Them To My Marketing System That Will Provide Them With Ways To Make That Residual Income and Also Teach Them All Of The Marketing Techniques They Need To Make Even More Money

So You have 2 forces that are bringing in Money and Leads, Then You Can Backend Them into Your Main Primary Business — it could be high ticket program, it could be MLM Or Whatever Your Main Biz Op

So You Are Using The Free Money From Simple To Help Bring In The Right Now Cashflow, then the low cost marketing program that brings in the residual cashflow and backend them into your primary business opportunity!

Join The Free $20 Program Here

Show The Inexpensive Marketing System Everyone Will Need! (Try The 7 Day Free Trial)- Teach Them How To Make great Free $20 Program Pages To Use as First Part of The Funded Proposal! Teach How To Use Email Follow Ups, Email Broadcasts, Learn Best Marketing Techniques, Build Systems that will do all the explaining and so much more

Check Out The Program Here and Sign Up For 7 Day Free Trial Here

When You Have Trained and Mentored Them Then You Can Show Them The Main Biz Op You Might Have!

Best of Luck and Hope This Helps You!

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The Complete Free $20 Program Training

The Complete Training Guide To Make Money Online

I Am Going To Show You How To Utilize All These Training Techniques In Order To Make A Lot of Money But Also Build Your List so You Can Always Be Marketing and not only making money but build leads for any business you might do!

1)  Test Drive The Marketing System For Free So You Can Get Leads and Awesome Marketing Training

2) How To Utilize Social Media To Build Leads and Also Make a Lot of Free Cash!

3) How To Use MLM Recruiting On Demand To Get Free Leads Every Day and $15 Instant Payments!

4) How To Get Tons Of Free Leads With Safelists!

5) Good Ads To Use For Free $20 Program

6) You Tube Marketing

$20 Training Good Ads To Use!

I Link People To A Capture Page and Landing Page that will do a short video from the Conversion Pros– The Free Sign Up Converts very well

Some Good Ads To Use

Earn Twenty To Sixty Dollars Per Day (Zero Investment) — Title


Learn How To Earn $20 to $60 Per Day

Zero Investment! Never Spend A Penny!


Not Surveys! Not Trial Offers! Not Netspend!

You’re Crazy For Not Earning Free Daily Cash!

Why Would Anyone Say No To Free Cash!

You get $20 Just For Signing Up (US Only)

You Get $20 For Every Person You Refer!

No Surveys! No Trial Offers! No Netspend Or Rushcard!

You Can Use This for facebook , Twitter, IBO Toolbox and Safelists

I also use this to send to my email list from the Conversion Pros! I got 900 Subscribed to my list and I Send Every Day to and they either eventually opt out , they keep reading or they sign up 🙂

(Money is in the list)

When You Combine A Great Marketing System With A Great Program Like Simple (Get Free $20 and You Will Earn $25 Per Month Per Person)

Check Out The Conversion Pros Page. I have some Killer Capture Pages that you can test for the 7 Day Free Trial, you use these ads and be consistent with you. You Can Make 2 Form Of Incomes

i got other cool things i will teach you as we go farther down this training Path that i think you will really like

Stay tuned i am always adding stuff and i ll let you know when new training is available