You Tube Marketing For My Free $20 Program

A Really Good Way To Get Noticed Online is Using You Tube Marketing

There Are A  Lot Of Good Resources You Can Use To Make Really Good videos for You Tube, Vimeo and other various You Tube Software! You Can Google it and will give you tons of free resources

I Personally Like Screencastic-o-matic (google it) works good on chrome,safari, firefox and internet explorer You Can Download It For Free

So What Are The Purpose and Why You Tube can be very effective… One of the best way to get really good true internet traffic  is through you tube.. People like to visualize– I Do A Combo of Both Recording Myself and recording like step by step training lesson

Great Way To Show Value and Let  People to get to know you. You Can Share Some Nuggets to get people interested in knowing you more. Remember People Join You and thart is just the bottom line when it comes to marketing

Great things about You Tube Marketing — You can do it for Free and No Money Out of your Pocket to spend on advertising. A Free Great Resource– You Can Use Your Phone or computer if it has microphone or built in camera or buy an external one if you equipment don’t have.

Great Way To Get Organic Traffic For Long Term– I Sill Get Emails for more info on one of my programs that went out of business 7 years ago– it works

Great Rankings on all the search engines and if you outsource you can really get tons of traffic– The More People Engage the more your pages will Rank

This is just one of the free tools — Tons of Trainings out there to really utilize– the best one i have seen was from david dubbs get a 7 day free trial here and watch his webinar on you tube marketing , Get 7 Day Free Trial Here (no credit card needed)

Just Another Way To Promote The Amazing Free $20 Program , Check it out here and get set up .. You get $20 (that makes people smile in itself)

Hope you enjoyed understanding why you tube is important to have


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3 Great Ways To Get You Tube Traffic!
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