FAQ About Crush Global!

When Do We Get Paid And How Do We Get Paid? We get Paid Every Friday Morning and You set up an ach to go to your bank or your debit card

Do you have A Presentation I Can Watch? I Sure Do Watch Below!

What Do We Use To Build The Business? I created A Team Training Page- Where To Get Leads, Using Social Media, How To have People call leads for you , how to make testimonial videos and so much more

Is CBD Oil Legal In All 50 States? yes, It is

Where Do You Grow The Hemp? We Grow it In Kentucky, where it is also Harvested, processed,stored and shipped from so there is no change of custody so we can insure you are getting the highest quality of CBD Oil! We Can Even Track from Where The Soil and Plant it came from

What Does It Take To Get Qualified? 50 PV Points- if you order a $89 Promoters Pack you would get qualified (you would have 89 point because we match dollar for point) and if you purchase this every month you would remain qualify to earn on all commissions

How Do We Earn Money With rush Global? You can click here for Comp Plan 

Where Is Crush Global Located? Louisville, Kentucky U S A

What is The Guarantee? We are backed by a 30 Money Back Guarantee

Why Should I Choose Crush Global Over other CBD Oil Company? Crush Global Offers The Best Home Grown CBD OIL, Best Natural Weight loss and Energy Product, Best Leadership (where you can actually interact and talk with the Owners), Best Pay Plan (We even Give Out Amazing Bonuses) and we are a family not just a company that will be doing Amazing Things




Have People Call Leads For You!

Watch the Video for you

We Call Leads For You – They do the first step in calling your leads to let know people you will be calling them in real time — they do not set appts

Appointment Setter Pros– they set up your appts for you

This will be good — creates good duplication and it is for people to for when building a business and something you can duplicae and your downline can duplicate– it costs money but it is a business also


Where To Place Business Cards!

There Are So Many Ways To Build A Presence Around Your Local Area– Some Of The Ways is very old school ways


I remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s i would see business cards  put on my windshields these days but the way the world is today, i wouldn’t go around doing that.

First It Is Very Annoying and I know when i ever got a flyer on my windshield I would Throw them away- Don’t Ever Want to start off a relationship making people angry… not a good way to go

2nd People are just crazy and people don’t like people touching their cars

What i suggest now are creative ways to get our business cards in people’s Hands

I would create a business card you can order 500 of them for $20 at most

i would look at google — best ad to post on a business card

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck!

Learn How We Make Obscene Weekly Income!

then put your url or maybe a sizzle call on the card

keep it short and sweet, remember you are building mystery ,, just want to pique people’s interest

How to get the business cards- lets look at places you can hand them out

  1. Hand them to your waiter a long with a tip
  2. Tear out free postage mailback cards you get from magazines and mail it back with cards in the envelops
  3. when you pay a bill and send it with a few business cards
  4. leave them around libraries, public places, bookstores and event he casinos (goldmine)
  5. get sticky that dont tear off paint put it on atm machines, red boxes videos rentals and coke machines

Lots of great places  you can leave your card around and get noticed


Hire People To Create Your Flyers Or Handouts!

I am going to show you a cool way to get stuff done for you dirt cheap!

I am not going to lie, I am horrible at creating Flyers or business cards….and i learned a cool trick.. outsource people to create a flyer for you

I use Fiverr to help design flyers for me or even stuff you can send out

You and look everywhere online and see people offering gigs anywhere from $5 to $10 G Range

It takes a few days but if you pay a little extra they can do it faster but i keep it at $5 to $10 range

Wht they can do is create a template for you, you could take that template to print out your own flyers n your computer or take it to fed ex kinkos

Also if you want to do stuff like postcards, they can create a postcard template and arrange a cool ad or a way to get a hold of you

For Instance–

Learn How I Make Insane Income Just Posting Little Ugly Postcards Like This

or yo can send out something like come get the best cbd oil and weight loss product ever seen and get paid to take it!

Again Be Creative- I suggest people hire someone to make two type of fliers

  1. One aimed at people who want to take strictly the oil
  2. One Aimed at People who want to start a home based business

Also a lot of great places to take business cards and flyers is church, laundry places, book stores, place a card in side the biz op magazines, place them around libraries and other places

Also look on fiverr– People can hand out flyers and post them around colleges, community boards, bars and other places

Great way to build an offline presence too


How To Make Video and Get Seen!

How To Make Videos!

Facebook Lives are A Great Way To Be Seen!

I start with a day 1 Testimonial and Share What my Ailments Be Or A Starting Weight

I can do Something Simple As My Name Is Mike Mikovich and I am starting my first day on products as ryse and shyne and my starting weight is 326 lbs and i want to record this weekly journey

or if you are doing a testimonial about lyte or lyfe cbd oil you can shoot a video about how i started taking the cbd oil it is helped with my exposed  eye nerve pain and how i had to use loritabs and norcos to just live with the pain or how i used tylenol on a daily basis and since taking the cbd oil, i have thrown away the pills and live a life without opiates or stuff that can cause long term damage to my kidneys or liver

You can also share your video to other social sites such as twitter, IBO Toolbox or other social media sites.

You can also use youtube video with your phone, just can download the app and you can google how to use you tube video. I am not good at giving instructions but google is very powerful just on the basis that they get good ranking nd if you are doing a weight loss program people can see your results as well

so google facebook live videos and you tube videos and how to use them to build your business becausse videos are agreat way to capture your personality and your results with the products

Contacting your warm market

When You want to let people know what you are doing, then you need to use this letter that izzy has used– it works

When you start getting results you can post your own testimonials in there to brand yourself but you can borrlow my story til you get yours

so this is what you write

Dear so-so

Please look at the links below..I think you’ll be impressed with what you see, especially how we can incorporate some amazing technology to do all the heavy lifting for you..

We’ve made this super simple, sexy, the products are effective… and affordable! Folks are seeing results in 1 to 2 days… The weight loss issue is off the hook. I’m down (whatever your results are ) on the product.… But it is so much more than that!!

Our CBD oil LYFE is changing lives like nothing I’ve ever seen. The testimonials are incredible, You Know I was taking other CBD oils to help with my eye pain and how i was even on norcos and loritab for pain relief, not anymore i took a drop of the Lyfe and 20 minutes My Pain Was Gone and now i use this as part of my every day treatment

Just check it out- If you have any questions just call or text me and i ll arrange for you to talk with one of the owners Izzy (he is awesome and loves helping people)

Website: your url  for crush global

Call Me So We Can Discuss Which Order is Right For You
24 Hrs

Crush Into

My Testimonials so far with crush global!

I Made A Video To Describe My Testimony About Lyfe CBD OIL

Let Me State, I did try other CBD Oils and Even Promoted For One Of Them but The Products Didn’t Produce For Me Like I Wanted To Especially When Came To My Eye Pain.

My Right Eye has had 7 Surgeries on it, It is now and yes it makes looks like i have a lazy eye and yes some not very people like to point that out but that is their stupidity not mine.

I had a cornea Transplant and I Had Tremendous Pain In My Right Eyes, Remember A Lot of Your Eyes are nerves and it was bad. I basically had nerve exposure and it created discomfort. I tried Eye Drops, I tried Steroids, I Tried Aspirin, Alleve, Norcos, loritabs and even liquid dilaudid and no relief!

I had tried other CBD oils they didn’t work and My Buddy, CJ Was posting video about before he take Lyfe CBD Oil his hands were shaking violently  and then 20 minutes later his hand tremors stopped.

I was amazed , so I knew I had to Try This LYFE CBD Oil and Glad I Did. I took A Drop on sep 5 at 8pm horrible eye pain 830 pm my eye pain WAS GONE! 

No Lingering Of Eye Pain whatsoever!!! So I Knew This Had Something Going On!

The Product is Simply Amazing and i am one who has to have `100% conviction in what i believe in. If i don’t i can’t stand behind it and that is the bottom line

Well, just want to say it has been a Godsend!

If you want to know more and how you can get started, Contact me via text 318-676-9006

You can also look at what we have to offer By Clicking Here!

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