My Testimonials so far with crush global!

I Made A Video To Describe My Testimony About Lyfe CBD OIL

Let Me State, I did try other CBD Oils and Even Promoted For One Of Them but The Products Didn’t Produce For Me Like I Wanted To Especially When Came To My Eye Pain.

My Right Eye has had 7 Surgeries on it, It is now and yes it makes looks like i have a lazy eye and yes some not very people like to point that out but that is their stupidity not mine.

I had a cornea Transplant and I Had Tremendous Pain In My Right Eyes, Remember A Lot of Your Eyes are nerves and it was bad. I basically had nerve exposure and it created discomfort. I tried Eye Drops, I tried Steroids, I Tried Aspirin, Alleve, Norcos, loritabs and even liquid dilaudid and no relief!

I had tried other CBD oils they didn’t work and My Buddy, CJ Was posting video about before he take Lyfe CBD Oil his hands were shaking violently¬† and then 20 minutes later his hand tremors stopped.

I was amazed , so I knew I had to Try This LYFE CBD Oil and Glad I Did. I took A Drop on sep 5 at 8pm horrible eye pain 830 pm my eye pain WAS GONE! 

No Lingering Of Eye Pain whatsoever!!! So I Knew This Had Something Going On!

The Product is Simply Amazing and i am one who has to have `100% conviction in what i believe in. If i don’t i can’t stand behind it and that is the bottom line

Well, just want to say it has been a Godsend!

If you want to know more and how you can get started, Contact me via text 318-676-9006

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