Hire People To Create Your Flyers Or Handouts!

I am going to show you a cool way to get stuff done for you dirt cheap!

I am not going to lie, I am horrible at creating Flyers or business cards….and i learned a cool trick.. outsource people to create a flyer for you

I use Fiverr to help design flyers for me or even stuff you can send out

You and look everywhere online and see people offering gigs anywhere from $5 to $10 G Range

It takes a few days but if you pay a little extra they can do it faster but i keep it at $5 to $10 range

Wht they can do is create a template for you, you could take that template to print out your own flyers n your computer or take it to fed ex kinkos

Also if you want to do stuff like postcards, they can create a postcard template and arrange a cool ad or a way to get a hold of you

For Instance–

Learn How I Make Insane Income Just Posting Little Ugly Postcards Like This

or yo can send out something like come get the best cbd oil and weight loss product ever seen and get paid to take it!

Again Be Creative- I suggest people hire someone to make two type of fliers

  1. One aimed at people who want to take strictly the oil
  2. One Aimed at People who want to start a home based business

Also a lot of great places to take business cards and flyers is church, laundry places, book stores, place a card in side the biz op magazines, place them around libraries and other places

Also look on fiverr– People can hand out flyers and post them around colleges, community boards, bars and other places

Great way to build an offline presence too


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