How To Make Video and Get Seen!

How To Make Videos!

Facebook Lives are A Great Way To Be Seen!

I start with a day 1 Testimonial and Share What my Ailments Be Or A Starting Weight

I can do Something Simple As My Name Is Mike Mikovich and I am starting my first day on products as ryse and shyne and my starting weight is 326 lbs and i want to record this weekly journey

or if you are doing a testimonial about lyte or lyfe cbd oil you can shoot a video about how i started taking the cbd oil it is helped with my exposed  eye nerve pain and how i had to use loritabs and norcos to just live with the pain or how i used tylenol on a daily basis and since taking the cbd oil, i have thrown away the pills and live a life without opiates or stuff that can cause long term damage to my kidneys or liver

You can also share your video to other social sites such as twitter, IBO Toolbox or other social media sites.

You can also use youtube video with your phone, just can download the app and you can google how to use you tube video. I am not good at giving instructions but google is very powerful just on the basis that they get good ranking nd if you are doing a weight loss program people can see your results as well

so google facebook live videos and you tube videos and how to use them to build your business becausse videos are agreat way to capture your personality and your results with the products

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