Where To Place Business Cards!

There Are So Many Ways To Build A Presence Around Your Local Area– Some Of The Ways is very old school ways


I remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s i would see business cards  put on my windshields these days but the way the world is today, i wouldn’t go around doing that.

First It Is Very Annoying and I know when i ever got a flyer on my windshield I would Throw them away- Don’t Ever Want to start off a relationship making people angry… not a good way to go

2nd People are just crazy and people don’t like people touching their cars

What i suggest now are creative ways to get our business cards in people’s Hands

I would create a business card you can order 500 of them for $20 at most

i would look at google — best ad to post on a business card

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then put your url or maybe a sizzle call on the card

keep it short and sweet, remember you are building mystery ,, just want to pique people’s interest

How to get the business cards- lets look at places you can hand them out

  1. Hand them to your waiter a long with a tip
  2. Tear out free postage mailback cards you get from magazines and mail it back with cards in the envelops
  3. when you pay a bill and send it with a few business cards
  4. leave them around libraries, public places, bookstores and event he casinos (goldmine)
  5. get sticky that dont tear off paint put it on atm machines, red boxes videos rentals and coke machines

Lots of great places  you can leave your card around and get noticed


Contacting your warm market

When You want to let people know what you are doing, then you need to use this letter that izzy has used– it works

When you start getting results you can post your own testimonials in there to brand yourself but you can borrlow my story til you get yours

so this is what you write

Dear so-so

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