How Does The Free 3 Step Marketing Funnel Work

The Free 3 Step Marketing System Works Will Be Awesome Because It Has All Three Components That We Need

1)Debit Card System That Will Pay Us $20 Just For Signing Up (Not Like Net Spend Who Forced Minimums and Fees. So We Could Never Enjoy Our Free Cash! (We Will Make 2 For Every Referral We Make And Goes Instantly To Our Card) ZERO INVESTMENT! 100% FREE!

2) Our Insane Marketing System– This is The Marketing System We Need To Use To Build Our List. We Create All Our Presentation Pages That We Just Copy And Paste For The 3 Step System Here. We Will Have Unlimited Capture Pages, Unlimited Landing Pages, Text Messaging, Email Broadcasting, voice broadcasting, Free Word Press Blogs , URL Trackers And Truly Obscene Marketing Training and learn How To Market On Twitter, Face book and Other Social Media Sites. He Also Has a Great Course in Writing Good Ad Copy To get You Noticed  Come Watch 14 Minute Video 

3)The Final MLM Program To Me is One of The Most Awesome Programs I Have Ever Seen and Will Be One Of The Fastest Growing Industry To Ever Hit The Home Based Business Arena.

We Offer CBD Oil And Products where it is very Inexpensive CBD Oil Product where you actually save 35-40% of all Retail and People been having significant Results With The Products

Come See For Yourself

What Makes This Product Amazing It Is Predicted To Grow By 700% by 2020 (only a year and half away) and you want to be on the ground floor of this Opportunity

Why I Created This System

  1. To Put Money In Your Pockets that Could Pay For The Products and Leads
  2. Have A Marketing System You Plug Into and where You Can Get All Your Training Done
  3. Have An Amazing MLM Program that will end up paying you and down the road, we are at the right time and right place.

I prayed that I would find a system that could make it simple for everyone, I wish I Had this system when I was first getting into making money home


According to a recent Huffington Post article by Catherine Pearson, “Sleep is a major problem for many Americans, according to a new report that acts as a kind of “state-of-insomnia” in the U.S. The review, published online by the medical journal The Lancet, finds that nearly a quarter of adults are unhappy with their sleep patterns, while up to 10 percent meet the criteria for full-fledged insomnia — putting them at a greater risk for depression, hypertension and diabetes.”

It’s easy to joke about this issue… but it’s no joke. Why do so many of us have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night? Some say it’s our stress-filled lifestyles. Some say it’s a by-product of anxiety. Some say we’ve become dependent on alcohol or over-the-counter drugs to help us sleep. The truth is, using these crutches may actually interfere with the deep “REM” sleep that we all need for rest and recuperation.

CTFO’s Sleep Support Oral Spray uses a combination of CBD and Melatonin to help you fall asleep naturally and without drugs or alcohol. Both of these natural ingredients have been shown to relax you and help you fall asleep. Some of our customers even say the CBD drops alone help them fall asleep.

With better quality sleep, we can all have more peaceful nights and better overall health

So If You are Tired of not getting that restful sleep or using medicine that gives you that in the morning drunk feeling then our sleep oils are for you

Check out all our products here and order a minimum of $48 and qualify to earn!

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CTFO Compensation Plan: We Earn 4 Different Ways








Retail Sales 

An Associate Who Buys it A Wholesale And Sells It at A Retail Price of 30% Higher

Unilevel Pay

You Will Earn 20% Of The Profits On Every Sale You Make!

You Will Earn 4% Off Of Every Sale For Every Person You Bring in and It Goes Down 5 Levels


You Sign Up Bill- You Earn 20% Of The Profits Of Bill’s Purchase!

Bill Signs Up Jill- You Earn 4% Of The Profits of Jill’s Purchase

Jill Signs Up Jack- you earn 4%

Jack Signs Up Diane- You Earn 4%

Diane Signs Up Charles- You Earn 4%

This Can Add Up Quickly And This is Residual , You Will Earn Off Of Each Order!

3×21 Regenerating Matrix Pay

Every Associate and Customer occupies a position in the CTFO Matrix. Every single position
can have no more than 3 positions on the Matrix Level directly beneath it. This means you can
have 3 positions on your 1st Matrix Level. And since each of those positions can have 3
positions on their 1st Level, this means there are 9 positions possible on your 2nd Matrix Level,
27 on your 3rd Matrix Level, 81 on your 4th and so on.

The CTFO Regenerating Matrix Pay pays out up to 21 Matrix Levels from each and every
commissionable sale made. The payout amounts per Matrix Level are as follows:
• 1% each from Matrix Levels 1-5
• 10% each on Matrix Levels 6&7
• 1% each on Matrix Levels 8-21

A Profit Sharing Position (PSP) is an additional “income center” that you earn for each person
you personally enroll, after your third person. So, after you personally enroll 3 people, from the
th personally enrolled person on, the CTFO computer program automatically generates a new
free position for you and places it in your Regenerating Matrix directly above the person you just
enrolled. This means that from your 4th personally enrolled person on, every single new enrollee
will be on the 1st Matrix Level of your new PSP as well as on the corresponding Matrix Level to
your original position. In Plain English, Every Person You Bring In After your 3rd Sign Up, You Will You Receive And Extra Spot in The Matrix That Will Pay Out!

Example: If you get 10 People Signed Up Directly Under You, You Will 6 Extra spots, So Instead of just getting 10 Spots filled in your 2×21 Matrix…. You Will get 16 total spots in your 3×21 Matrix

Anybody Your People Bring In after The 3rd Person, All Those Extra Spots Your People Make will go under my 3×21 Matrix…. This is How You Will Be Able To Grow Your Business Faster!

Bonus Pool Pays Is Basically A Share In The Profit Pool

When You Earn The Higher Positions-

Vice President: This is an Executive Manager with a 5th personally enrolled Qualified
Customer Associate and at least $25,000 in personal team monthly volume– All V.P Will share in the 4% Infinity Bonus Pool (4%)

Senior Vice President: This is an Vice President with at least $50,000 in personal team
monthly volume– You Will Share in the 4% Bonus Pools but you will Make An Additional 4% with all other SVP In The Bonus Pool (4%+4%)

Executive Vice President: This is a Senior Vice President with at least $100,000 in
personal team monthly volume You Will Share in the 4% Bonus Pools but you will Make An Additional 4% with all other SVP In The Bonus Pool– You Will Share in Another 4% Additional Bonus Pool with all the E.V.P Bonus Pool (4%+4%+4%)

We Will Stop There Because It Goes Even Higher But If You Want More Explanation on This Obscene Compensation Plan Click Here and Watch The Video On The Upper Right Hand Of The Page!

If You Have Any Questions Just Call Me 

Michael Mikovich


Skype andrewmikovich


Why CBD Oil Is About Being In The Perfect Time At The Perfect Place!


My Name Is Michael Mikovich and I Am Just Like You A Normal Every Day Guy who is Having Amazing Results from Using CBD Oil. You Can Check Out My Testimony Here!

The Most Amazing Thing About CBD Oil it is A Product That Really Works And People Are Loving The Results. This Has Created A Huge Demand For The Product! I MEAN HUGE!!

Until Now, The Only Place We Could Buy CBD Oil Was at A Specialty Shop, Medical Marijuana Store or a Health Food Store And Pay Almost Double What It Was Worth! 

That Has Changed With Our Company CTFO, We Are One Of The First Companies To Go To Direct Sales Route and Now You Can Order it for 35-40% Off Retail and Now we Have Access to it in all 50 states except Nebraska and in UK, Ireland and Sweden!

This Has Also Created A Huge Opportunity For You To Not Only Benefit health Wise But Benefit Financially As Well!

They Are Predicting To See The CBD Oil Industry Go To $2.1 Billion Dollar In Sales by 2020 and even Double that in 2021!

Do You Know What That Means? This is Your Opportunity To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time! This is Your Front Row Seat Into The Next Billion Dollar Wave!!!

Vitamins in 1970’s Made A Lot of Millionaires!

Health/Wellness in 1980’s Made A Lot of Millionaires!

Telecommunications in 1990’s Made A Lot of Millionaires!

Now CBD Oil in 2018 Will be Making A Lot of People Like You and I Millionaires!


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Get Yourself Positioned By Purchasing A Product, Share With Others and Follow Our Training!

We Get Paid Every Wednesday and You Will Love Seeing This Below!!!

So come be a Part of The Team and I’ll Show You How To Get Started!!!

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Michael Mikovich




Welcome To My Page Michael Mikovich

My Name Is Michael Mikovich, I am 48 from Louisiana and I Really love Marketing from Home. Has It Always Been Easy? No Not at All

I Struggled For Years and Years, I even took a break for a long time but I know I Always Had The Itch! I always Been Creative and Always Loved Helping Other People!

Big issue we are having with online marketing is only 5-7% Really make money from home. Everyone wants to do it and believe me i failed time and time again. Spent money on bad leads, junk traffic and scripts that didn’t work.

I Did All The Right Things:

  1. I Made A List Of Friends, Family and People I knew Who Cut My Hair!
  2. I Would invite them to watch my videos, listen to my dvd or drag to meet up with me to a hotel presentation
  3. I would go hand out flyers and business cards
  4. I would by google ad words and got nothing
  5. i would by the company website that was supposed to be turn key and automated– but it wasn’t!

I was Frustrated… Lost and Confused!

I Spent A Lot Of Money, Wasted Time and Was About To Throw In The Towel Until I heard This Video!

I Watched It, Then I Went To The Webinar and I Was Really Blown Away Because It Showed Me How I Could Get A Lot Of Leads and Weekly Cash Flow For My Primary Home Based Business

After 20 Years Of Trying, I was Finally Taught The Right Way To Market and Was A Very Humbling and Growing Experience.

All I Do Now:

1)Show People To A 14 Minute Presentation

2) If They Like It, Have them Watch a Webinar That Explains Our Free Program

3) Give Them More Free Training In The Form of 3 Video Boot Camps 

4) Have Them Sign Up For A 7 Day Free Trial, Give Them a Page to give others and Follow Steps 1-3

That is All We Do!

Go Ahead Take Step 1… I look forward to knowing more about You

Michael Mikovich

318-676-9006 call or text me