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I Want To Share A Video Of Why We Are About To Explode Crush Global

I made A Video you Can Watch below You can see nobody is in my town promoting Crush Global excet another person who is in my Downline!

What I Did Was just did a find a distributor near you within the city of Jacksonville, Florida that has a city of close to 1 million people in the surrounding areas of J A X (AIR PORT CODE FOR JACKSONVILLE) There were only lik3 3 to 4 people in that area

I also did a Search for Shreveport Louisiana (SHV) and there was myself and my team member kelly within a city metro area of Shreveport-Bossier City with a Metro Population of 250,000 People — The Target Is Untapped!!!

it is wide open in a lot of cities, so this mean it is to set your roots in, This is very huge openwide market placeas you build your business an Grow Your Business..

I am looking for people who want to open up their open market place and i did a search on top 20 cities it is very wide open and looks very promising

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