A Little About Me Michael Mikovich

Hi Everybody, My Name is Michael Miovich but you can call me Mick, Mikey or Michael.

I live in Shreveport, louisiana but originally from Cleveland , Ohio Area (Go Browns)

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I Don’t Want To Bore You But I Love Music, Sports (DIE HARD CLEVELAND SPORTS TEAMS), Swimming and Now I Got Back into Church as well

12 Years Ago, I Had eye surgery lost a lot of my vision in my right eye, got vision in my lelft eye but i can get around without assistant of a cane but can’t drive anymore (which i hate because i  used to love driving)

2 Years Ago, I had a very complicated Heart surgery and died on the table but bounced back and Introduced me Back TO God and Losing Weight! (very heavy and sick 360 lbs)

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My Goal Is To Do One Thing Is help People How To Make Money From Home. I Feel Like God Has Blessed Me and kept me alive  To help Others. I Had A Lot of failures But I learned To Get Back Up And I Kept learning from Every Mistake I made (i am still learning)

My Biggest lesson I Learned First Was help People First– The One Thing I Like To Do Is Show People How To Make Money First Without Asking Me To Join Anything.. Yes, Introduce People To A System First Where They Actually Make Money First and I Am Truly Blessed I Found and Sharing It With You.

How It Works

1 I Introduce A Program that Automatically Puts $20 In Their Pocket and no deposits, no bank account need to be connected with, no fees of any kind and No Minimums Check This Out Here

2) I Will Show You How To Market This and Make Multiple $20 Over and Over Again… And I Will Show You How To Leverage Free Cash Into A 2 Really High Paying Residual Income  Programs where they will pay you week after week, Month after Month, Year After Year!

You Will Find Out More About Me As We Walk This Journey!

“Put God First And Everything Else Will Follow”

Talk Soon Mike Mikovich

Call or Text me 318-676-9006

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