My Weight Loss Testimonial Videos

My Weight Loss Videos– Purchase A Ryse And Shyne Pack For $89 and See if you start losing weight Fast!

Besides Taking The CBD Oil Lyfe… I also take a Product Called Ryse And Shyne

Ryse is Our awesome Whey Protein Drink that is a Great Way To Start Your Day and Help You Lose Weight or If you are just looking for a way to cut back carbs,calories and fats for your breakfast Ryse is a great way to go.

It is Also A Great Way To Make great tasting smoothies- I got a few tasty recipes i like that you can also have for a dinner for maybe someone who don’t want to eat a very heavy meal at night or maybe just a light lunch

I really like A Nice Blue Berry Smoothie with 6 ounce of soy milk or almond milk or lowfat milk- get a handful of blue berries for taste and also get 1//4 cup of plain yogurt or soy yogurt or fake yogurt for all the vegetarians in the house (i ll give you some more great recipes when you come on board)

Also we Got shyne our fat burner and it cures your hunger pangs! After being on shyne for a few days..i noticed i had no cravings for salts or sweets– those are my Downfall

it was nothing for me to buy chips, crackers and sweets– i said if i could stop those and when i did the weight loss and because of my eye i cant work out but the weight shredded right off of me

I have gone From 326 lbs To 309 Lbs in my First 7 Days With Ryse and Shyne!


Go To Sign Up Here – Click Get Started- fill out the form and sign up for the Ryse and Shyne Package for $89  not including taxes or shipping!


1st day on the products- 326 lbs