Welcome To The Crush Global Family!

I Want To Welcome You To The Crush Global Family, My Name is Mike Mikovich and Welcome To My Site!

I Know You Have A Lot Of Questions and I Am The One Who Can Hopefully Answer them For You!

What is Crush Global? You Can Watch Our 20 Minute Presentation Here- Josh Does a Great Job Explaining The Program

2) How Do We Make Money With Crush Global? Click Here To Download The PDF 

(Please If You Have Any Questions, Please Don’t Hesitate To Ask Me)

3) What Are Promoter Packages? Click Here To Download The PDF

(Promoter Packs Are Ideal Enrollment Packages To Help You Qualify to earn, then after you only need to do a $50 Per Month Purchase to qualify for all The Compensation)

4) Single Pricing for Individual Products?  Click Here To Download The PDF

(If You Have Any Questions Please Don’t Be Afraid To Ask)

5) To Order from Myself, You can Click Here!

(it is a Step BY Step Guide To Walk You Through The Process)

Some Questions You May Have:

Where Do They Grow The Hemp? They Grow The Hemp Right Where The Headquarters is in Kentucky! The Product Is Grown, Processed, Stored And Shipped from One Location so The Chain of Custody is Very Minimal. Just think of it from The Farm To The Mouth!

What is Your Guarantee? 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When Do We Get Paid? We Get Paid Every Friday! (The Money Will Be Put into Your Bank Account of Your Choice)

Do You Have Any Free Marketing System? Yes , With A Press of  a Button Our Phone app Sends Out sales Letters and Video coded to you! You can send presentation, pdf an explanation of the comp plan! send I want to crush it to 318-676-9006 say I want to crush it and I ll send you everything you need

Why Join Your Team? 

1)You Will Have An Owner That Will Help You Talk To Your Prospects and Close Your Sales! Below are awesome successful team members that will help you!

The good looking couple is Tori and CJ, they are my friends and the ones who introduce me to Crush

The Man in the Middle is One of Our Owners Izzy- He will end up talking with Your Prospects (Amazing Guy and  Will Be Helping All Of You)

That is Me On The Right With The Shades  (Michael Mikovich)- I wear sunglasses a lot because of my eye ailment (Watch My Testimony Below)

2) I Will Create A Page Like This For You That Will Do All The Telling, Selling and Explaining For You!

3)I Even Have A Place that will Call Leads For You And Set you up Appointments with People who are willing to spend a certain amount of money for a home based business, they have already seen your presentation and all of your information and when you have your appointment set up this is when you get with me, cj or our owner Izzy to close them for you– It will cost money but this is a business!

So You Will have A System To Plug into (Plus Everyone you bring in and they bring in too) plus I teach social media techniques and other way to build the business!


Here is My Testimonial With Video About LYFE CBD Oil!

My Weight Loss Testimonial!

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