Welcome To My Fitness Recipes I have been using!

Hi Everyone, My name is Mike and i am using the valuable time to show you how you canuse our amazing RYSE AND SHYNE Products plus Crush Global’s CBD Lyfe and Lyte cbd oIL

I am going to show you how you can lost a Pound at a time

I take My RYSE Product Which is Great for Helping Burning Fat and Boost Metabolism

I take SHYNE My Meal Replacement Shake 120 caolires high in protein low in fat and tastes amazing..i like it with yogurt and bananas but provide a lot of vital nutrition you need

And i take everything in connection with doing my Daily CBD Oil Which Help keep me level with my blood sugar and blood pressure– plus has helped on my eye nerve pain (i will post another blog about that)

I am going to share one of my really good nutritious vegetarian meals that i enjoy eating as part of my daily

I shop at Target and i order this pasta here i love the pasta shells, so this is what i get right here

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it is very healthy- it is chickpea pasta and taste like the real thing and very healthy

for the whole box 4 servings, 760 calories, 40 net carbs and 100 g of protein

this is a good alternative for people who are looking to cut back on carbs but can’t use wheat as an alternative

I like to grill me up 180 calorie Veggie Burger

2 ounce of low sodium low calorie prego sauce

then put your choice of veggies i like to push mushrooms,onions and whatever you want..i am not picky

mix all of together with the pasta and it is a very satisfying meals that has good protein, good fats and not have fried fatty foods that makes us fat and sick

I Will be adding  and update with more great recipes as work a day at a time on getting fit and want to know more about ryse and shine or cbd oils go here