Need Help Paying For Marketing?

Marketing is often the biggest monthly expense when you have an online business. Although there are free marketing methods available, a lot of people decided to save time and pay for traffic. Below is a way to get $20 completely free to start using to market your business.

The solution is really simple… Sign up for a Simple Checking Account (it’s free) and they will give you $20 for free. Yep. No strings attached. All you have to do is make a qualifying purchase of any amount, even under $1. Afterward, you will receive $20 in your account.

The great thing about getting a Simple account is that it’s much better than most traditional banks… there are zero monthly fees and no complicated fee structures. This online bank is really simple and even helps you budget your income. You can use your Simple account to get paid by The Conversion Pros, as well. Just link your Simple account to your Paypal or connect it to your Global wallet in TCP.

However, I think you have to be a US resident to open a Simple checking account.

Plus, once you have your Simple account, you can earn $20 whenever you refer people to open a Simple checking account and they make a qualifying purchase like you did. They will get $20 and you will, too! This is another great incentive to get your free trial members to upgrade to the paid monthly membership.

Sign up for your free Simple checking account today!

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