The Best Free Manual Traffic Exchanges With 1:1 Surfing

Manual traffic exchanges are great tools for promoting any online business opportunity. However; they can be time consuming since you have to view other people’s website in exchange for them to view yours, but if you’re on a budget and can’t afford solo ads or other marketing, I recommend manual traffic exchanges. The following are 1:1 traffic exchanges, meaning you get one view to your page in exchange for viewing one website. Most 1:1 traffic exchanges also have a longer timer – typically 10 to 15 sec. to allow visitors more time to view your website. This is great for conversions because it forces visitors to check out your offer longer, convincing them to sign up. Each of these traffic exchanges is free to join and use to drive traffic to your websites.


Easy Hits 4 U

With over 1.4 million members, Easy Hits 4 U is the leading 1:1 traffic exchange on the internet. They’ve been around since 2003 and allow you to generate unlimited views to your website, banner ad, or text ad on a daily basis. They also pay you $.30 per 1,000 pages you surf. You can also target certain regions, build custom splash pages, and much more.

Traffic G

Traffic G is another prominent 1:1 manual traffic exchange on the web. They have over 560,000 members from all over the world, so you can target your ad to reach a certain audience. Their five-level referral program allows you to generate even more visitors to your website. Traffic G has been around since 2001, making them an established traffic exchange.

Webmaster Quest

Around since 2001, Webmaster Quest is known for delivering high-quality traffic to website. This 1:1 manual traffic exchange allows you to generate unlimited visitors to your website without having to worry about fake traffic bots. They take cheating very seriously! You can also target certain regions and interests with Webmaster Quest.

Hit Link

Hit Link doesn’t start out at 1:1, but rather 2:1 – you must surf 2 pages to get 1 credit. However, it becomes 1:1 the longer you surf. Hit Link has been featured in TE Hoopla as a top manual traffic exchange. After you surf 25 pages, you can also win credits and cash prizes. The credits really add up here, making it a top manual traffic exchange.


I also highly recommend the following manual traffic exchanges:

List Surfing

List Surfing is a hybrid traffic exchange and safelist mailer, making it a really unique free traffic site. Their social thumbnail surfing allows you to choose which sites you want to view next, meaning others can view your websites unlimited times. There is no surfing ratio as with the above traffic exchanges. You can spend just 20 minutes a day on List Surfing and potentially generate thousands of views to your website, all at no cost!

Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar using a unique ladder system to drive traffic to your website. You simply click on other members’ text ads and view their websites for 10 seconds and you’ll earn points, which will allow others to view your websites. The more websites you view, the higher you’ll rank in the ladder system, allowing you to earn more traffic to your websites.

Hit 2 Hit

For many years Hit 2 Hit has been providing great results. This 6-second manual traffic exchange is 2:1, meaning you must view two websites to get one view to yours. The owner of Hit 2 Hit has been in the industry for years and is very active on the site. TE Hoopla (the traffic exchange testing site) always ranks Hit 2 Hit on their top list.

Traffic Swirl

With over 83,000 members, Traffic Swirl is another high-quality manual traffic exchange worth trying. Free member earn .4 credits 8-second per page view, while upgraded members earn 1:1 surfing at 6 seconds with geo-targeting. Upgrading to Pro only costs $7.95 per month. You can also buy cheap advertising at $3 per 1,000 credits (views).

Members Rule

Members Rule is an elite manual traffic exchange with over 200,000 members. Free members earn .4 credits per 10-second website view, while upgraded members earn 1:1 surfing and above depending on the membership level. Check out the team surfing and traffic coop, as well.


Manual traffic exchange tips:

  • Rotate your lead capture pages for best results.
  • Open multiple windows and surf multiple exchanges simultaneously to earn credits faster.
  • Rotate no more than three websites on one exchange (1 or 2 is best).
  • Set your account to auto-assign to ensure your credits get allocated to your website.
  • Make sure your anti-virus is working when you’re surfing or just use a separate computer for surfing.


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