5 Ways To Get More Signups in Your CTFO Business

If you’re recently joined CTFO, you may be wondering how to start signing up more people in your business.

First, think about your target markets: People who want to earn money and people who want to get healthier. This demographic is very broad because 99% of people either need to make more money or experience better health in some form.

Here are some tips on promoting CTFO and getting more people into your CTFO business.

Tip #1: Instead of approaching people with the mindset of how much you’re going to earn from them, actually care about their situation. Listen to what they’re looking for in a business, their past experiences with earning money online, and what their income goals are. Actually put yourself in their shoes and provide value to their lives. Stop thinking about how many people you’re signing up and start thinking about how many people’s lives you can change.

Here is exactly how to get more leads for your CTFO business:


Strategy #1: Use a custom lead capture page 

Instead of promoting the generic company website (that EVERYONE else is using), use a custom lead capture page. There is no way to capture leads from the company website they provide, so if an interested person doesn’t sign up right away, you’ve probably lost them forever. They’re probably going to Google CTFO or check Youtube and sign up with another CTFO associate. So ALWAYS promote a lead capture page. You can use The Conversion Pros to create unlimited lead capture pages with custom follow-up message. This is what all the top MLM earners are doing.

Strategy #2: Craigslist 

Craigslist is a great tool for posting your CTFO business opportunity. Thousands of people are searching for home business opportunities right this very minute. Since CTFO is 100% free, many people are literally waiting for this opportunity. Do NOT post a six-paragraph report about the science behind CBD oils, why it’s the next billion-dollar industry, why the products are superior, etc. PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM. They care about how much money it’s gonna cost them and how much they can make. Keep it brief and stick with the benefits of how their lives are going to change.

Strategy #3: Purchase quality MLM Leads

If you run out of people to talk to about CTFO, you can purchase hot business opportunity leads from The Conversion Pros at very affordable prices… much cheaper than a Facebook ad campaign (which is often a big waste of $$). These leads have recently filled out a form online expressing interest in starting a home business opportunity, so all you gotta do is pick up the phone and call them. While on the phone, don’t get into all the details about the CBD oils, comp plan, etc. Just ask if you can email them an overview video to watch. THEN call them afterward and answer their questions. You can learn all the insider tips about how to talk with leads in the system.

Strategy #4: Purchase solo ads

If you don’t already know about solo ads, they are when you pay an established internet marketer to send out your link to his/her own personal list of people seeking income opportunities. There are many solo ad vendors out there claiming to be the best, but the truth is that results will always vary with solo ads depending on your ad copy and offer. UDimi is a reputable site offering a database of quality solo ad vendors with reviews from other internet marketers. You can see which vendors deliver the most sales and best click thru rates. Solo ads can pay off if you get a serious customer who keeps reordering CTFO’s products every month. UDimi is the secret weapon of the top internet marketers. You’ll get $5 off your first solo ad upon signing up. Always make sure you’re sending solo ad traffic to a lead capture page, not a sales page (see strategy #1 above). You want to be able to follow up with your leads for months and years ahead… remember, the fortune is in the follow-up!

Strategy #5: Traffic exchanges

If you don’t mind spending hours clicking on traffic exchanges and emails to accumulate safelist credits, you might enjoy this method. This is the free method, but you can get results. It will probably take you much longer than if you just bought leads and called them right away. Some people get good results from traffic exchanges if surfed regularly and several at once. TE Hoopla has been tracking the best-performing traffic exchanges since 2002. They update their rankings regularly. You should always track your results when you use traffic exchanges as to not waste your time. Once you figure out which ones are giving the best results, upgrade to a paid member of the exchange or purchase credits. This way you can stop spending time surfing for credits. I personally use and recommend CyberWheelers, a FREE viral traffic exchange site that allows to you maximize your efforts in traffic exchanges.

Are you struggling to get more signups in CTFO? Get free training on how to become a CTFO top earner!


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  1. Michelle

    Very Good Information! I will give these idea’s a try

  2. Michelle

    Very Good Information! I will give these idea’s a try

    1. Janet McDougal

      I would love to learn, but know NOTHING about Capture/landing pages; Auto-Responders; Email Broadcasters; Blog Creators; or most of the items that are listed. Is there live help with this, please?

      1. onlineincomecoach (Post author)

        Hi Janet, please read my post How To Promote CTFO & Grow A Huge Team of Associates for more info about lead capture pages, autoresponders, etc.


  3. Janet McDougal

    I know NOTHING about solo ads; landing pages; Auto-Responders; Email Broadcasters, etc. How in the world will this help me, please? I’d love to get really going, but don’t know who, what, when, or where.
    Thanks So Much!

    1. onlineincomecoach (Post author)

      Hi Janet, I’ve emailed you twice offering help.


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