How To Get Over Your Fear Of Calling Leads

I used to have a big fear of calling people. Then I started working as a virtual assistant doing cold-calling and I soon got over my fear. But I understand that many people are afraid of calling people as it may seem intrusive.

Here’s the scoop – If you were COLD calling random people, then you have every right to be scared of their reactions.

But a lead is someone who has already expressed interested in your opportunity and has actually put in the effort to provide their real contact info. People will not give you their contact info if they don’t want to be called!

And don’t expect people to join your business because they got your email autoresponder. Think about it.. do you join every business you see in your email? Of course not! How much more likely would you join a business opportunity where someone actually took the time to call you? Probably much more likely!

Yes, a few people will join your opportunity without you having to call them, but think of all the business you are losing because of the people you don’t call!

Most people want to know that there is a real person behind the opportunity who is there to help them along the way, answer their questions, and help them EARN MONEY. This is what people really want – to actually EARN MONEY. And if you can provide value to them and prove that you really care about helping them.. they will be begging to join your business.

So the next time you decide just to let your autoresponder (hopefully) convert your leads, just think about that lead and how you can help them change their life.

If you don’t like talking on the phone, I get it. I didn’t like it at first either.

Just make a goal to call a few leads per day at first – maybe 5 leads or however many you feel comfortable with. Don’t stress yourself out. Just keep it consistent.

Sometimes you have to overcome your own personal fears to get the true prize in life. If you really want to build your business and experience financial freedom, calling a few leads everyday doesn’t seem like a lot. But it’s the consistent effort that really pays off.

So, go ahead and pick up the phone and call a lead! You could make someone’s day and give them hope.

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