28 Legit Ways To Earn Money Online in 2018


28 Legit Ways To Earn Money Online in 2018


Virtual Assistant

This is how I was able to transition out of my outside job to working 100% online from home. There are so many business owners who need virtual assistants to do the tasks they don’t have time for… appointment setting, social media (a big one), travel arrangements, web content, and more. Grab your free copy of 150+ virtual assistant services you can offer today.


Online Focus Groups

Sometimes you can qualify to participate in online focus groups and earn great pay from your home. You may need a webcam to participate in online focus groups. To find focus groups, just Google your city+focus groups; for example, if you live in Chicago, just Google Chicago+Focus Groups.


Paid Surveys 

You won’t earn much by taking surveys online – often a couple bucks, but every little bit helps when you’re out of work or really pressed for quick cash. The best online survey sites are Cash Crate, Paid Viewpoint, and Treasure Trooper.


Paid Offers 

Very similar to paid surveys, paid offers usually pay instantly and not very much. However, I included them on this list for people who need quick cash. Big companies are happy to pay people a couple bucks to sign up for trial offers to their products and services. You can join legit GPT (Get Paid To) sites such as Inbox Dollars and get paid a $5 bonus to sign up.



It seems everyone wants to be the next six-figure blogger, but the first step is getting the proper training on blogging or else it’s easy to give up. Blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand, bloggers actually earn money by partnering with affiliate programs, creating their own courses and products, and using Google Adsense. Wealthy Affiliate offers free blog training and helps you get started on the right track to becoming a successful blogger.


Build A Niche Website

Building niche websites can be very profitable if you don’t mind studying trends and keywords, writing content (or hiring someone to), link building, and using social media. If this all sounds confusing or overwhelming, fear not – just read The 11 Step Ultimate Guide: How To Build A Niche Website That Can Make You $2,985 A Month. You can set up multiple niche sites and really make a good living.


Selling Stock Photos

Are you a creative individual who desires to earn residual income? Selling stock photos is a great way to fulfill your creative side while earning money on the side. You can get paid every time some downloads your photos. Check out the 12 Most Profitable Places To Sell Your Photos Online.


Shopping Online

This is the easiest way to earn money online because it involves no extra work on your part. I use E-Bates to earn cashback whenever I shop online. I usually earn a few bucks every month, so nothing major. But, it’s free money.


Affiliate Marketing

There are hundreds of way to earn money with affiliate marketing. The most common are blogging, but many affiliate marketers use social media like Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, etc. to drive traffic to their affiliate links. With thousands of affiliate programs on the internet, possibilities are endless. The Conversion Pros is my favorite affiliate program because it pays 50% commissions every Friday. Read Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide.


Referral Reward Programs

There are so many referral reward programs that will pay you just for referring new people to their businesses. They are kinda like affiliate programs, but they’re less elaborate. Simple Bank offers a great referral reward program where they will pay you $20 to open a new account (free) and they will pay you $20 for everyone you refer who opens an account. Referral reward programs don’t provide all the marketing tools, tracking cookies, etc. like affiliate programs.


Online T-Shirt Business

Do you love designing t-shirts, but always thought you needed to spend money upfront to launch your business, you will be happy to learn about TeeSpring. With TeeSpring, you can start designing t-shirts right away, promoting your designs and getting paid right away. They fulfill the orders for you, so you pay nothing out of pocket.


Reviewing Music

If you love listening to music, you might as well get paid to! At SliceThePie, you get paid to review new music. The better your reviews, the more your earnings increase. You won’t get paid much, but if you’re desperate for some extra money right away, it is an option.


Answering Questions

Do you enjoy helping others by answering their questions online? You can get paid to be an expert and answer questions online. Specialty niches often pay more. Read 11 Sites That Pay You To Be An Expert [And Work From Home!].


Virtual Tutoring

You don’t necessarily need a formal degree to become a virtual tutor. How much you earn varies and depends on your level of expertise. You can also be a tutor if you’re a teen or student. Read Top 15 Legitimate Sites That Offer Online Tutoring Jobs.



Most people think about medical transcribing, but there are other types of transcribing jobs available online. You pay would depend on your experience level. Some experienced online transcribers earn $25 per hour. Read How To Become A Transcriptionist And Work From Home.


Search Engine Evaluator 

If you’re an analytical person who enjoys learning about web searches, you might enjoy working as a search engine evaluator. Once you pass their (rather rigorous) tests, you can get steady work from home. Most search engine evaluator jobs pay between $10 and $15 per hour. Read Search Engine Evaluator Jobs: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started.


Online Coaching

Coaching can be a very lucrative niche if you want to make a difference in the lives of others. No degree is necessary to become a coach, and many earn $200 per hour by coaching their clients from home via Skype or phone. Coach & Grow Rich is a great resource to people get started with coaching careers.


Selling On Ebay

Whether you create your own products or flip products (purchase products at a low price and sell them for more), you can earn money by selling one Ebay. Anyone can start earning money on Ebay with little start-up fees. Read Sell It Now! How To Make Hundreds of Dollars On Ebay In Just 37 Minutes.


E-Commerce Store

If you have products you’d like to sell online, starting an e-commerce store might be for you. Online shopping is growing worldwide,making this a very lucrative method of generating income online. 3D Cart is a top online store software that provides a free 14-day trial (no credit card) so you can start setting up your online store right away.


Remote Jobs

You can often find remote (work from home) jobs on Indeed, Craiglist, and These are just like outside jobs, but you must have a home office and the necessary office equipment to perform the job. Sales, appointment setting, and customer service positions are often available remotely.


Network Marketing

If you enjoy network marketing and want to earn residual income, you have plenty of options available. My personal favorite network marketing business CTFO is free to join, pays weekly, and doesn’t require any monthly auto-shipments. Read more about CTFO.


Online Consultant

If you already have expertise on a certain topic, you can start an online consulting business and work with clients virtually. Consultants can earn hundreds per hour and more, depending on the niche, and work part-time from anywhere. Read 50 Best Online Consulting Business Ideas for 2018.


PTC (Paid To Click) Sites

These barely pay anything, but I wanted to include for people who don’t mind clicking on ads for a couple cents. The best legit PTC sites are Clixsense, Neobux, and Inbox Dollars. You’ll earn a couple cents for each ad you click. PTC sites where how I earned my first $1 online. I don’t recommend PTC sites as a way to earn significant income online.


Freelance Writing

After PTC sites, I started earning online by freelance writing. There are SO many opportunities in freelance writing. I first started out writing for Textbroker, which pays very low, but there are many companies who need people to write blog posts, website pages, press releases, resumes, and more. You would be paid as a freelancer (independent contractor). Grab your free copy of 200+ Freelance Writing Niches.


Create An Online Course or Membership Site

People are earning six figures just by sharing their knowledge with the world. Sites like UDemy make it easy to sell your course online while helping people solve their problems. You probably have the knowledge to create a course right now. Podia makes it easy to create courses and membership sites – get a 30 day free trial.


Self-Published Author

If you’re creative and want to earn passive income online, consider publishing a book on Kindle. You can self-publish a book for less than $300 if you hire people on Fiverr to do your cover design and formatting (or do them yourself). It’s important to do keyword research before writing your book, which is all explained at Kindlepreneur.


Voice-Over Actor

Have you always dreamed of being a voice-over actor? You can create a lucrative career from home doing voice acting. There are start-up costs involved for equipment, but this creative career can be very rewarding. Read The Definitive Guide To Getting Started With Voiceover Work.


Day Trading

If you love the idea of buying and selling company shares all day, you may like day trading from home. Day trading can be very profitable, but it’s also very risky and requires skills and discipline. Read Day Trading Tips for Beginners on Getting Started.


Disclaimer: This list contains affiliate links, so I may receive compensation if you decide to join the programs on this list. I only recommend sites that I personally use and trust. 


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