5 Ways To Get More Signups In Your Avon Business

Known as one of the most reputable MLM companies in the world, Avon has been paving the way for women to earn income since the 1800s. If you’ve recently joined Avon, you may be wondering how to get more signups in your Avon business. Once you run out of friends and family, who do you get on your team? This post is to help you become a successful Avon Independent Sales Representative and earn full-time income from your Avon business.

First, think about your target markets: Women (primarily) who want to earn money and people who want Avon products. Keep your target market in the front of your mind at all times.

Here is exactly how to get more signups in your Avon business:

Strategy #1: Use A Custom Lead Capture Page 

Instead of promoting the generic Avon company website, use a custom lead capture page. Most MLM company websites provide no way to capture leads, so if an interested person doesn’t sign up right away, you’ve probably lost them forever. They’re probably going to Google Avon or check Youtube and sign up with another Avon associate. So ALWAYS promote a lead capture page. You can use The Conversion Pros to create unlimited lead capture pages with custom follow-up message. This is what all the top MLM earners are doing.

Strategy #2: Attend Networking Events

The power of getting out and meeting other women who want to earn income should never be underestimated. There are thousands of women searching for extra ways to earn money every day. Building relationships with other women through business networking events, mom meetups, and other events is a great way to grow you business. When you’re networking, try to find something you have in common with other people first before you start pitching them on your Avon business.

Strategy #3: Start A Facebook Group

Create a group page on Facebook about your new Avon business and invite all your female friends. Make sure to post quality content daily in the group about what you love about your new Avon business, how it’s changing your life, the products you use and recommend, and why others should join your team. This is a free method to get signups and it may take longer than the other methods on this list since it involves your “warm market” at first. The trick is to keep adding more people to your friend list (people you’d like to be on your team) and build a relationship with them. Then invite them to your group.

Strategy #4: Create A Niche Blog

Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate a fresh supply of leads to your business automatically. You can start a blog about makeup and beauty tips and post regularly about proper skincare regimes, how to create certain makeup looks, etc. Then link to your personal Avon store within the posts. You can also create a page on your blog about how people can work with you, allowing you to grow your Avon team. Posting quality content every day is the best way to rank your blog in Google and generate visitors to your blog who are highly targeted and ideal signups for your Avon business. You can actually use the blog creator in The Conversion Pros for free.

Strategy #5: Purchase Quality MLM Leads

If you run out of people to talk to about Avon, you can purchase hot business opportunity leads from The Conversion Pros at very affordable prices…a lot cheaper than a Facebook ad campaign (which is often a big waste of money). These leads have recently filled out a form online expressing interest in starting a home business opportunity, so all you gotta do is pick up the phone and call them. While on the phone, don’t get into all the details about Avon products – just ask if you can email them an overview video to watch. THEN call them afterward and answer their questions. You can learn all the insider tips about how to talk with leads in TCP system, which you can join for free (no credit card required).


I hope you enjoyed these strategies on getting more signups in your Avon business and growing your Avon team.


Disclaimer: This list contains affiliate links, so I may receive compensation if you decide to join the programs on this list. I only recommend sites that I personally use and trust. 

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