10 Ways To Fail Miserably In Your Network Marketing Business

Failing in a network marketing business is actually very easy to do. In fact, most people in these companies are failing right now. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Here are 10 ways to fail in your network marketing business. Which ones apply to you?

I know I have done several on this list.

#1: Look Desperate. Beg your family and friends, even the ones who rejected you before, and talk to complete strangers in the grocery store. After all, you should be talking to everyone you possibly can about your business. Make up conversations with people in the laundromat and pretend to care about what they do for a living, so that you can talk about your opportunity.

#2: Treat your business like a side gig that you work whenever you “have time”. Put it on the back burner and practically forget about.. that is until you check your credit card statement and realize you’re being billed for some auto-shipment of vitality pills or whatever products your company sells.

#3: Don’t try the products. Assume they are great and pretend to know what you’re talking about when prospects ask you questions. Who’s going to find out anyway that you’re not using them?

#4: Don’t attend any training or learn how to generate leads. Forget or neglect to follow-up with them.

#5: Put your opportunity in front of as few people as possible. After all, you hate talking about your business. Assume that, by some miracle from God, you’re going to get signups out of thin air and build your team without doing any work.

#6: Get advice from other network marketers who have failed before, burned out, and are now bitter about network marketing in general.

#7: Get distracted by every new opportunity that comes your way. Always be looking for something better that’s out there.

#8: Have a negative mindset about money altogether. Treat money as if it’s evil instead of respecting and appreciating it.

#9: Have low self esteem and worry about what people will think of you and your business.

#10: Promote your company landing page (the same one everyone else in your company is using) and don’t use custom sales funnels.

Let’s face it; we’ve all done at least a few of these. A lot of so-called “experts” are giving out crappy advice on how to succeed in network marketing.

Now that you know how to FAIL in your business, don’t you want to know how to succeed in network marketing?

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