2 Free Ways To Get Viral Traffic To Your CTFO Website Today

Ever heard of viral traffic? With viral traffic, you can leverage the power of hundreds, even thousands of other people to draw massive exposure to your CTFO website or any other website you wish to promote. 

The best part is that there is NO cost to use viral traffic sites. 

Here are my two favorite viral traffic sites for promoting CTFO or any other website:


Ad Viralizer

Ad Viralizer is a viral traffic site that allows you to promote your ad and get it seen by thousands of people for free.  

Before you can become a member of Ad Viralizer, you must click on six links (from other members) and view them for 10 seconds. The same applies to anyone you refer to Ad Viralizer using your referral link… they must also view your CTFO site (or any other you want to promote) and the others from your uplines for 10 seconds before they can join. This creates a viral effect as your ad moves through the positions as your referrals promote the site. Everyone must view your ad six levels deep!

Take a look at this:

Adviralizer free viral traffic

As you can see, by just referring 6 people you can generate thousands of views to your ad without spending a dime!

Ad Viralizer also offers affordable paid advertising with their login page ads, starting at just $2 for 50 credits. This optional.

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Viral Traffic Rush (aka vTrafficRush)

VTrafficRush is a 100% free and proven legitimate viral traffic site that guarantees you will receive real hits to your CTFO banner and text ads! I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been a member of VTrafficRush, but it’s been at least five years now. (Tip: if you need a free CTFO banner, read my post about 3 Stepper.com)

Watch my video to see exactly how VTrafficRush works and why you should start using it.

I forgot to add in the video that you have to actually promote you own referral link(s) provided in your VTrafficRush members area under “Referral Links”. There you will find your own personal referral links to start promoting on traffic exchanges, safelists, social media, etc.

You are never required to upgrade to get viral traffic or earn commissions.

I am still a free member, although should have upgraded years ago, and have earned over $30 with VTrafficRush.

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Final Thoughts: How To Make Your CTFO Website Go Viral

Once you add your CTFO website along with you banner or text ad to these viral traffic sites above, you will need to promote these two viral traffic sites to start leveraging the power of your referrals. 

As the chart shows above, the real power is when you start to refer new members to these sites (you can also earn cash from vTrafficRush when your referrals upgrade) and they start to promote these sites. You will soon start getting hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your CTFO website or lead capture page without any efforts of your own. 


Here are some ways to promote your viral traffic links:

  • Free safelists and traffic exchanges (the best method for this because other members of traffic exchanges also want viral traffic)
  • Solo ads
  • Content (videos and blog posts)



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