6 Reasons To Join My CTFO Team

If you’re thinking about joining CTFO, it’s important to join under a sponsor who truly cares about your success. 

I often speak with people who have joined CTFO under a sponsor who never even took the time to call or, at minimal, email them.  This is unacceptable in network marketing as this business is ALL about people helping people. 

If you’re already joined CTFO under another sponsor, particularly one who isn’t interested in your success, don’t worry. You can still become successful in CTFO using the resources on my blog or by researching network marketing success tips on Google. 

The great thing about network marketing is that you can become a leader and build a giant team of associates who replicate your success… regardless of who sponsored you. However, having a sponsor who is interested in your success puts you at a great advantage. When you join CTFO under a solid, established team, you can replicate their marketing efforts and build your own downline much quicker than if you have to figure everything out yourself. 

Here are 6 reasons to join my CTFO team with me as your sponsor:

  1. I always try to call every new associate who joins under me. If for some reason I forget to call you, just email me directly at the contact info at the bottom of this post.  The reason I call my new associates is to introduce myself personally and let them know I am here to help them.  
  2. Anytime you have questions, I am here to help to the best of my ability.  Just email me or we can set up a time to talk over the phone. 
  3. My direct sponsor is an Executive Vice President in CTFO, so if you need extra tips and support, I can directly refer you to speak with him. 
  4. I help all my entire team (and even people not on my team) with marketing using custom lead capture pages and automated email follow-up messages. My team uses the exact marketing system I use to generate leads and get duplicatable results in CTFO. Duplication is the KEY to massive success in network marketing. 
  5. I provide my team with several free methods and sites to generate leads and grow their CTFO business. Whatever you’re budget, I can help you find a solution to build your CTFO in a way that’s comfortable for YOU. Too broke to spend any money on marketing? No problem. 
  6. I’m a lean marketer, meaning I like to stretch my marketing budget as far as possible and get maximum results with the least investment. I only use marketing that actually works and HATE to waste money to unnecessary marketing tools or sites. I pass down these types of recommendations to my team. 

If you want a sponsor who won’t belittle you for asking silly questions or ignore you for asking too many, join my team today

I understand what it’s like to start from the very bottom as a newbie… I’m not the most successful person in CTFO, but I WILL take the time to help you out. I incorporate my 10 years of self-taught internet marketing experience to guide you to success. 

 Join My CTFO Team Now!


If you need assistance before I get the chance to call you, contact me vie email at earnwithapril33@gmail.com or text 708-669-4409. I will respond ASAP. 

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  1. melody lefno

    Hi april my name is melody and I am writing to you from Vancouver Canada. I have been signed up with another CTFO member but have been given no advice or ideas on how to get my business going except to tell as many people as possible! After listening to your YouTube video and then clicking on your webpage, I realize there are many different ways to go about promoting CTFO. I am thinking I may like to switch over and sign up under someone who cares to help others. I do have a friend already signed up under me and we would like to get going with the business and so my research brought me too you.


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