3 Free Ways To Promote Your CTFO Business


As my CTFO team knows, I am a firm believer of promoting only lead capture pages instead of the corporate website. Read more about this here

If I recently created a custom CTFO lead capture page for you, then you may be wondering how to promote your lead capture page to get leads into your funnel. 

The fact is that there are hundreds of ways to promote CTFO… there are both free and paid methods. From my personal experience, paid methods are usually a bit faster for getting results; for example, if you purchase leads through The Conversion Pros and call them immediately. However, free methods CAN be very effective IF used properly.

I have spent a decade studying internet marketing and free ways to generate traffic and leads. A few years ago, I had no money to spend on marketing whatsoever, so I spent hundreds of hours studying and testing the most effective FREE ways to promote online opportunities. 

Here are 3 free ways to promote your CTFO lead capture pages without spending a dime. 

Content Marketing

If you’re not familiar with content marketing, it’s basically when you provide useful content about a certain topic and then link the content to your business. By content, I am referring to primarily blog posts and videos. In the case of promoting CTFO, just think about what kind of content is related to CTFO… make money online, pet care, natural wellness, natural beauty, natural anti-aging, natural hair care. Imagine if you created a blog around one of these topics? Take natural beauty, for example. You can create a blog or Youtube channel around this niche topic and write posts (or create videos) such as:

  • Natural ways to remove wrinkles –> (refer to CTFO’s Pure Hemp CBD Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover and add your CTFO lead capture page within the post or below the video)
  • Naturally tighten neck skin –> (refer to CTFO’s Pure Hemp CBD Neck & Decollete Anti-Aging Cream and add your CTFO lead capture page within the post or below the video)

You get the idea… 

By providing valuable content, people who are looking for solutions to their problems will appreciate your content and possibly want to purchase the products you’re referencing. You’re building TRUST with people, and people will buy from those they like and trust. 

Content marketing isn’t the fastest way to grow your business, but your content can stay up for years, generating you sales on auto-pilot without you doing any work after posting your content. The key with content marketing is to stay consistent with your content and try to post regularly. 

If you’re already a member of The Conversion Pros, you get a free WordPress blog to use for content marketing. If you want to get a totally free blog, head over to Blogger.com or WordPress.com.  Want to learn more about content marketing? Get a free account (forever) at Wealthy Affiliate and watch video lessons on content marketing.  You can also create 2 free blogs on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

Traffic Exchanges

A traffic exchange is where (free) members view other members’ websites in exchange for views to their own sites. The best traffic exchanges are manual, meaning you must view another member’s site for a certain amount of time to receive credits, which you can then exchange for other members viewing your site. Traffic exchanges can include surfing website or reading emails (safelists/mailers). You want to stay away from auto-surf traffic exchanges because there are no credits or incentives for members to actually view your site, and so they are essentially pointless. You want REAL people visiting your website, not BOTS (fake visitors). 

Traffic exchanges can work if used regularly with lead capture pages. Free members can get results if they accumulate enough credits on a regular basis to exchange for visitors to their sites.

Here are my 10 personal favorite 100% FREE credit-based traffic exchanges:

Traffic Ad Bar (Receive 100,000 FREE Points Upon Sign-Up)

State Of The Art Mailer (Email Your Opportunity to Up to 30,000 Members!)

Email Marketing Evolved!

Bweeble (Email Your Opportunity to Up to 30,000 Members)

List Surfing (Get Unlimited Website Hits By Surfing Just 50 Pages / Month)

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

The Lead Magnet (Very Responsive List)

Leads Leap (Get Leads From 7 Different Ways)

Hit 2 Hit (One of the Oldest & Best Manual Traffic Exchanges)


Email Hog (Extremely Responsive List)

Hotspot Mailer (Get Lots of Visitors With Each Mailing)

Free Safelist Mailer (Reach A Lot of Visitors Per Mailing)

These are all 100% free to join and use forever. If you want to save time, just upgrade your accounts in the future. I recommend testing every traffic exchange you use with Leads Leap (free) to see which traffic exchanges are delivering you results, so you can scale those up and stop wasting your time with the sites that aren’t. You will definitely want to use a separate email just for your safelist emails as you will receive possibly hundreds per day from members. 

Watch how to use Leads Leap to track your website visitors:

Social Networking Sites

Of course social networking sites can be useful for promoting CTFO IF done properly. You just have to be careful not to come across as spammy. You may lose friends if you post about your opportunity on their walls or even your own wall (too often, anyway). On Facebook, I recommend joining groups related to work from home, working online, business opportunities, etc. and posting according to their guidelines. The problem is that most people in those groups are not looking for ways to earn money,  but rather posting their opportunities to get leads/signups. You can get some leads in groups if you keep posting daily in multiple groups. 

When posting in Facebook groups, you really have to stand apart from the others with attractive graphics, great copywriting, and even proof your business is legit. The competition is pretty fierce on social media. 

Other great sites to check out are:

These are geared toward business owners, so you may get better results using them. 

Bottom Line

Yes, you can promote CTFO for free (heck, you can just talk to people about it) and you will receive results. It may take you longer to build your team, but you CAN get there without investing any money into marketing. 

If you want to start spending a little money ($50 to $100 per month) on marketing, please contact me personally (earnwithapril33@gmail.com) and I will help you get the biggest bang for your buck. As most of you know, I use The Conversion Pros, which is $50 per month, to create lead capture pages, autoresponder messages, blog, and build my business. Learn more here


  1. Rick Welte

    April WOW ! You are the most amazing and intelligent girl I have met..
    I am so impressed with your intelligence and how Much work you have done to figure this all out … ! I can only hope and pray I can be a fraction of the person you are …. on these websites etc …

    1. onlineincomecoach (Post author)

      Thank you for your kind words Rick! I am just providing what I’ve learned in 10 years of struggling to earn money online.

  2. Rich

    Awesome April!
    Let’s start working together on my advertising campaigns.


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