13 Reasons CTFO Is Not A Scam

If you’re considering joining CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome), you may be wondering if it’s a scam. I don’t blame you; there are a lot of scams out there giving out false promises and taking people’s money. Because I’ve been with CTFO a couple years now, I wanted to compile a list of reasons this business is not a scam.

The fact is that there are many legitimate methods of earning money online, and network marketing is just one of those ways. It’s not for everyone. A lot of people inaccurately link all network marketing companies with pyramid schemes, which are indeed illegal. Pyramid schemes offer no sale of product or services.  CTFO offers consumable products at below retail prices. A lot of ill-informed people like to  to bash MLM and call them all scams, which is simply not true. There are some crappy MLM companies out there that are scams, but that applies to ALL business models.

If MLM/network marketing companies were all pyramid schemes, the government would be shutting them all down. Herbalife and Amway, for examples, have been around for DECADES and have millions of members all over the world. They have an MLM business model, which means they pay their member to share their products and opportunity with others.


13 Reasons CTFO is Not A Scam


1.) No Fees … EVER!

Unlike 99% of other network marketing companies, which usually have sign-up fees, CTFO has NO sign-up fees whatsoever. There is NO risk to sign up as an associate. You could become an associate and do nothing forever and never lose a cent. CTFO has NO monthly fees or website fees, either! There is ZERO financial risk in becoming an associate with CTFO.


2.) No Purchase Requirements To Get Paid

Most network marketing companies require their members to make a monthly purchase to qualify for commission payouts. Not CTFO. You are never required to purchase any products whatsoever, and you will still earn 20% CV (commission value) of everything your direct referrals purchase from your website.


3.) No Monthly Auto-ship Requirements

You are never required to be on any auto-ship program to stay active in CTFO or get paid. If you decide to get on a monthly auto-ship (optional), you will save 5% on your order. Whether you decide to participate in the auto-ship program is 100% your choice and never required. You can also get off the autoship program at any time if you so desire.


4.) Real Consumable Products Not Found in Most Stores

CTFO offers a wide variety of real products that people are consuming on a regular basis. The new hemp-based CBD line is on FIRE. Most people can’t purchase these products in a regular retail stores, like with most MLM companies that offer regular nutritional products, makeup, beauty products, etc. This means your customers will continue purchasing the products from CTFO.


5.) Customers Are NOT Required to Become Associates

Another reason why CTFO is not a scam is that customers are not required to become associates to order the products. Customers can shop through any associate’s store forever without having to sign up as an associate. CTFO never pressures customers to become associates, either!


6.) Live Customer Support

CTFO has very helpful phone support that all of us associates appreciate! Sometimes you may have to wait 10 minutes to reach an agent, but they are dealing with a large call volume as many people are ordering products. I’ve called in twice and each time the agents were very helpful with assisting me. Their corporate number is (707) 449-4567. 


7.) Lucrative, Patented Pay Plan 

CTFO actually has a patented pay plan unlike any other network marketing company. They pay out 100% of the CV of their products, unlike most -if any- other network marketing company out there. They pay upfront and passive income. Watch the pay plan video to learn all the details. Because CTFO is legit, they are very UPFRONT with their pay structure and have nothing to hide.



8.) Commissions Paid Weekly

There are thousands of associates getting paid every Wednesday with CTFO. All associates receive an email a few days after signing up with instructions on how to set up their Global Wallet. Also, associates are moving up through the ranks every week, and CTFO posts these as announcements regularly.


9.) Live Weekly Corporate Training Calls 

One thing that’s also stood out to me about CTFO is their CONSISTENCY. They always have their live weekly corporate training calls except on holidays. They’ve been having them for years now. No scam company would bother to do this.  They also just held their GALA event in Las Vegas this fall.


10.) Fully Legal & Compliant 

CTFO sources their CBD products in the US from a licensed industrial hemp farm and complies with all federal laws. CTFO products are hemp-based and contain the legal limit of THC.  The company is very diligent in remaining compliant with all laws and regulations with CBD and hemp.


11.) Top Quality Products & Money-Back Guarantee

I could write a paragraph on why CTFO products are leading in the industry, but I will just mention the fact that they are pure, full-strength, and sourced in the US. All the CBD oils are organically grown and harvested on FDA-approved hemp farms. No chemicals or heat are used during the extraction process.  ALL CTFO products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee!

12. Competitive Prices (Wholesale & Below)

This is a big deal with network marketing companies… many price their products significantly higher than retail to compensate their members, thus making the products a “rip off”. Not CTFO. All their products are priced at wholesale, and customers never have to jump through hoops or pay a membership fee to take advantage of the wholesale price. Associates and customers can even take an extra 5% off the wholesale prices by signing up for the auto-ship, which is optional and free.


13.) Business Growth & Global Expansion

Because CTFO is an honest and legitimate company, they are growing extremely fast and expanding into other countries. Since the launch of their new CBD line in early 2018, their sales have been through the roof as thousands of new associates are joining each month. CTFO is now available in the US, Canada, England, Whales, Scotland, Sweden, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. This global expansion would not be possible if CTFO were a scam!


Now you can see there are so many reasons CTFO is definitely not a scam! It’s 100% legit and legal with absolutely NO risk involved for associates and customers alike.

I would love to have you join my CTFO team and take advantage of all the free resources I have for you!




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