Promote CTFO Using Youtube Videos: Easiest Way Ever!

I am always looking for low-cost, effective ways to promote CTFO and build my team.  Marketing is usually the biggest expense, so if you can find a way to grow your business on a budget, then you’ve hit a goldmine. Recently I discovered a way to promote CTFO using Youtube videos.

Video content is growing every day and if you can get videos ranked in Youtube under keywords related to CTFO that people are searching for, you can get signups day and night without doing any further effort on your part.

By keywords, I am referring to search phrases such as:

  • Is CTFO a scam
  • CTFO review
  • CTFO hemp oil review
  • CTFO business opportunity legit
  • Free MLM business
  • Free online business opportunity

These are keywords that people are searching for in Youtube and Google every day! Think about all the people who are just discovering online opportunities and are searching for new opportunities online RIGHT NOW.

If you can create videos that inform people on what they want to know… provide them with SOLUTIONS and ANSWERS, they will sign up and purchase from you. All you have to do is use keywords in your video titles and descriptions (below the video), putting your website in the descriptions (Call To Action).

Here is my personal favorite way to create Youtube videos.

My #1 favorite way is to use an online software program (web-based) called Content Samurai. Get a 7-day FREE trial when you use my link.

Here’s the first video I made using Content Samurai:

It’s by far the easiest video software I’ve ever used in my life! 

  • Nothing to download (web-based – you just log in and use it)
  • Just add your script and the software creates slides for you, automatically!
  • Easily switch out photos using their large database of free stock images
  • Add your own voice over 
  • Use their stock music
  • and much more

My #1 reason why I love this software is that EVERYTHING IS SYNCED AUTOMATICALLY!

You don’t have to worry about transitions, timing, cutting/splitting, none of that. That is done automatically, and within just minutes!

You can create a video in just minutes with Content Samurai and upload it to your Youtube account, getting fresh visitors to your CTFO website on autopilot. 

Watch me use Content Samurai in this walk-through review video:

I also LOVE how you can try the software (unlimited videos) for FREE 7 days without giving your credit card number. That way, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to worry about canceling and getting billed.

If you do want to use the software after the week trial, it costs just $35 per month (if you upgrade within the 7 day trial, after that costs $50 per month) and allows you to create unlimited videos! 

Content marketing is my favorite way of promoting CTFO as content (blog posts and videos) stay online 24/7 and keep working for you long after you’ve posted them. 

If I had to choose just one way to promote my CTFO business, I would only use content marketing. Content Samurai is my #1 way to promote using video content. 

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Content Samurai and will earn an affiliate commission if you decide to purchase it. I personally use and recommend Content Samurai. 

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