How To Choose A CTFO Sponsor: Avoid Regrets

If you have stumbled upon my blog purely out of interest in joining CTFO, or maybe you are just curious about the business – Welcome!

I talk to many people who join CTFO under a random stranger they have never spoken with before and essentially have no idea the level of marketing expertise of that sponsor. Then the regret hits in a few days, weeks, or even months later. They don’t want to stay with their sponsor, and would rather have me as their sponsor.

As a network marketer, I do NOT believe in “poaching” downline members from other CTFO associates because, regardless of how responsive or knowledgeable the sponsor, they still went to the effort of marketing their business and therefore signed up that frustrated downline member.

“Jumping ship” to another CTFO team can cause a lot of issues within teams and therefore I don’t recommend doing so. And as an internet marketer, I understand how much time, money, and energy goes into marketing – that’s another reason why I don’t believe in switching sponsors.

However, there are a few instances, such as if you accidentally joined under the wrong person, where exceptions can be made. I believe you have THREE days after joining CTFO to switch sponsors.

I wanted to make this video to help you avoid making the mistake of joining under the wrong sponsor. Then you can avoid this whole headache of an unresponsive or incompetent sponsor.

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