CTFO Pain Free-ze Rub Review

The first pain cream from CTFO that I’ve tried is their Pain Free-ze Rub.

Containing 50 mg of CBD oil, this cream is very versatile with the ability for use topically on minor or moderate muscle and joint pains.

This review is based only on the personal experiences of myself and my downline member Kevern Andrews (his website is www.mindfulmusclebuilding.com).

This cream rub has a “cooling” sensation that is felt immediately upon contact to the skin. It’s very moisturizing and soothing.

I personally used this cream on my wrist pain after typing a lot of my computer.  It first imparts a cooling feeling to the skin, and then goes to work to penetrate the skin and provide relief.

Kevern Andrews, my team member, also tested this cream with me for his muscle pain (he works out every day and experiences muscle soreness). Watch the the video below to see…

Here is my honest opinion of CTFO Pain Free-ze Rub:

I feel it’s good for minor to moderate pains, but don’t expect immediate pain relief. This particular product contains the lowest amount of CBD out of all the pain creams by CTFO. I would like to try the creams containing more CBD oil. 

The price is slightly steep for a small container, but the cream does contain 50 mg of CBD oil and the cream goes a long way. However, it won’t last long if used on large areas of the body. I believe it’s designed for isolated patches of pain and soreness. 

Try CTFO Pain Free-ze Rub and let me know what you think!

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