About April

Welcome to my blog… which I created in The Conversion Pros (yes, the blog creation tool is one of many they offer)!

I am so glad you found my website. I don’t think it was by chance… there is a reason you are here!  You are probably curious about how you can earn money online from home. You are in the right place!

A little about me… I have been obsessed about earning money online from home since 2008. I desperately search for ways to earn money online for years before I started writing articles for various websites. But what I wanted more than anything was to build RESIDUAL INCOME online. You know, money that just keeps coming in month and month without me having to do anything.. That, my friend, is true freedom. When you can stop exchanging your precious time for money.

Like most people, I fell for some scam opportunities and wasted A LOT of time hopping around from one opportunity to the next, looking for the next best thing. This was a big mistake because I wasted YEARS trying to find the BEST opportunity.

Here’s a little advice: Find a great income opportunity (or two) and STICK with it until you succeed. There are many great income opportunities out there that you can use to earn money. But you can’t join all of them… you’ll spread yourself too thin and not be able to focus.

Here is exactly what I was looking for in an income opportunity:

  • Low start-up fee
  • Low monthly fee
  • Ability to earn decent-sized commissions (no $1 or $5 commissions – not worth the time!)
  • Ability to earn monthly RESIDUAL income
  • A great product or service that people actually NEED
  • SIMPLE to learn
  • Ability to DUPLICATE

In 2018, I found The Conversion Pros and it covered all the criteria on my list.

I loved how it costed $0 (no credit card) to sign up and test the entire system, and the monthly upgrade is only $50.

The Conversion Pros is NOT an MLM (there are no levels). I don’t have a problem with MLM, but this is not that. In fact, TCP is the perfect system to help you build any other MLM business opportunity you’re part of… in my case CTFO.

As a member of TCP, you will have the ability to earn $25 per month in residual income for every single person you refer who becomes a paid member ( cost is $50 per month). Those $25 commissions really add up month and month. Many members are earning four and five figure monthly incomes with TCP.

And… you can get every Friday (how great is that??)

I would LOVE to talk to you about how this system can change your entire life.

Get started for free or just call me at 708-669-4409 to discuss.