Learn About CTFO

Are you looking for a real work-from-home business opportunity that requires ZERO investment? 

Most people will say it simply doesn’t exist, but CTFO is revolutionizing the network marketing industry. 

This is a review of CTFO as an opportunity to earn unlimited PASSIVE income with. These are not just one-time commissions, but you are paid from every single order your downline members place FOR LIFE. 

What is CTFO?

CTFO stands for Changing The Future Outcome and was founded by Stuart Finger. Before CTFO was Chew The Fat Off, offering only natural weight loss supplements such as Chew Off and Super 7. 

As of 2018, CTFO has entered the hemp-based CBD market, providing average people with a totally ground-floor opportunity with a very extensive hemp-based product line.  They are always adding to their product line, but currently it includes pet care, weight loss, anti-aging, hair care, and general nutrition. Many of the products are infused with hemp-based CBD oil (legal). 

Read more about the benefits of hemp CBD from Medical News Today. 

Read Forbes article about how hemp cannabis sales projected to reach 1 billion dollars in 3 years. 

See the CTFO product line video below

And more products are being added regularly!

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There are NO costs required to join or earn money with CTFO… ever!  

There are ZERO:

  • Sign-up Fees or Kits
  • Website Fees
  • Monthly Fees
  • Required Auto-shipments
  • Product requirements to get paid
  • Catches 

Total cost: $0 to earn from your direct referrals’ purchases FOREVER.

OPTIONAL: If you want to earn from your entire matrix downline, you will have to spend $47 on product each month you want to participate. This isn’t a required auto-shipment, just an optional each month you want to participate in the matrix pay plan (watch video below to learn more). 


Watch this entire video to learn exactly how CTFO associates are paid FOUR different ways!

More About Getting Paid

  • Associates are paid every Wednesday if they have at least $10 in their account
  • Payments are processed through the payment wallet in associates’ accounts.  
  • No product requirements to earn commissions

Read more about payments here

Ready To Become A Free Associate?

Don’t just join under anyone! Read 6 Reasons to Join My CTFO Team.

Just Imagine…

  • Having a free business opportunity with innovative products that are literally changing the lives of millions
  • NEVER having to spend your money to earn commissions
  • Getting paid on ALL your teams’ purchases for LIFE
  • Being part of a team who really cares about helping you succeed, willing to support you 100% of the way
  • Eventually earning enough passive income to retire and enjoy your life
  • All the people’s lives YOU can change with these products and this income opportunity

Disclaimer: I cannot provide any guarantees that you will earn any specific amount of income with CTFO. You results are totally dependent upon your marketing efforts. Some CTFO associates are earning thousands per month, others are earning nothing at all. You may earn more or less than I do with CTFO.


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