7 Steps To Online Success

7 Steps To Online Success
7 Steps To Online Success

7 Steps To Online Success – What Are the Best Ways to Build a Six or 7 Figure Online Business?

And is it REALLY possible to start earning IMMEDIATELY your first month marketing online?

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In the last 10 years that I’ve been working online full time (left corporate America in 2006) I’ve been asked this question probably hundreds of times!

And this question has been asked from people from all socioeconomic groups and walks of life…

“Robert, I really want to make money online. But how can I build an ‘online business’ when I have a full-time job,

and I only have a few hours a day to invest into a business? Can It Really Work?

The answer is YES… as long as you are willing to listen to a MENTOR, follow the assignments and follow the system… IT’S TOTALLY POSSIBLE to start earning immediately online… YES, even with just a few hours a day…

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie, who is looking to build a sustainable business on the internet or if you’ve been online for a while and you are looking to take your business to the next level, the 100% commission Freedom System I will outline for you as your mentor, is a genuine, realistic way that worked for thousands of our members….

If you haven’t seen it yet –

I highly suggest you check out the system that has paid over 248 Million to our Affiliates Here.

We have tons of success stories pouring in daily, demonstrating how this program is changing people’s lives for the better and is allowing them to create a true laptop lifestyle – where they don’t have to answer to a boss and live a life on their terms! I personally went through the program and have already built up a pretty decent residual paycheck for myself… This is in addition to the other income streams I already have… In fact, on top of the monthly residuals from 100% commissions, I earned over 25K in my first 35 days with the freedom system!

7 Steps To Online Success – The Question

Almost $45,000 in my 1st 60 Days :)
Almost $45,000 in my 1st 60 Days :)Not Average. See our income disclosure.

People always ask me…

“Robert, if you were to start over again, completely from scratch, what would you do to earn over 5 figures in your first month?

Let me let you in on a little secret… Even though I’ve been in the Top 10 of Leaderboards in 5 different companies… I have learned from experience that there really is no secret to building your own brand/business online…

All you need are 7 things to immediately hit the ground running… and these 7 steps have worked for me over and over again… and have resulted in me earning over 7 figures online in the last few years…

By far one of the biggest challenges that most people run into when they venture into making money online is how to juggle their time.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day… and once they’re gone, they cannot be replaced… TIME truly is our most precious commodity… And most people live with the feeling that they do not have “enough” time… to get what needs to be done… after all, there are only so many hours in a day right?


Yes, most people work up to 10 hours a day… counting driving time to and from work… but there is still plenty of time to create a life of freedom if you want it bad enough and train your mind with a powerful mindset…

Plus, it can seem stressful and overwhelming when you first get started… but this often is due to ‘information overload…’ constantly learning and never ‘applying” or getting around to setting up the many things that need to be setup. There are lead capture pages to setup, email messages to write, photos of yourself to size and edit, biography to write, mission statements, screen shots to create, blog posts to write and videos to shoot to introduce yourself and your products to the world… On my team, we help our members get these steps setup in their first 72 hours…

When I first started marketing online, I was 26K in debt on my credit cards and facing foreclosure… I was working a job (just over broke) 60-70 hours a week and didn’t have time to spend with my daughter…

I thought a sales funnel was something you used to demonstrate your product at home parties… All I know is that if it’s possible for me to do it, ANYONE can learn how to make money online.

Here is what I learned…


You will get to the top much quicker and completely eliminate the rejection from your business if you follow these 7 simple steps.

Robert Probst Stage
Robert Probst Stage 150K Check

STEP ONE – Join A Mentor

When I was interviewed on the “Join A Mentor Show”, the ” I Have A Dream” Show with Princess Fizz from the UK, and also on one of the Top Education Podcasts on iTunes, “Weird Entrepreneurs”,I explained how getting started with a Mentor from the start, can make a world of difference. I call it the “Path of Least Resistance”…

Sure you can learn thru continual failure by doing things on your own… but why not minimize the pain and make those challenges fewer and farther between?

By working with the right Mentor, you can avoid costly mistakes that rob you of your enthusiasm and patience. A Mentor can help you save both time and money, by helping you get started off on the right foot…

One of the biggest ‘aha moments’ I had was learning that in order to succeed ‘faster’ online I would need to admit that I didn’t have all the answers… To my chagrin, I was always trying to “reverse engineer” others results and figure everything out by myself…

I had a hard time the first few years going this solo route… in the end I was left 26K in debt, frustrated and alone… all because I didn’t want to surrender my pride and ego, and just get a mentor and LISTEN.

Finally in 2006, I found a MENTOR that showed me how to market online. I placed strategic ads in Google Adwords in 2006 at a time when I could generate tons of leads and sales right from Google’s search engine results pages…

I began placing 200 ads per day all over e-zine, article directories and free classified ad sites like craigslist and the leads and sales started pouring in.. I learned about building my list with permission based email and was finally able to “crack the code” to making money online…

But none of that happened until I found a mentor, spent about 1K on the products and an additional monthly fee for access to a marketing site…

Nowadays we have tools to create capture pages, webinar pages, thank you pages and sales funnels… back then you needed to hire a web designer and that costs hundreds more… For this reason, many people quit in their first month or two… as the expenses were just too much along with the learning curve being too steep…

Again, 99% of people that start an online business today attempt to do exactly the same thing I did… they think that they can just figure it out on their own…. Today, the tools have evolved and working with the right mentor can help you get your capture pages setup in less than 24 hours… You just need to know what tools to use that represent the cutting edge or “shortcuts” to getting your business out there in the online marketplace…

There are all kinds of shortcuts… from WP plugins, to custom funnel builders, to lead capture page creators, graphic engines, email auto-responder series written for you, to plug and play templates that are customizable to start generating leads on social media…

And by working with the right mentor you can avoid paying too much for unnecessary tools
to go along with your products and website.

Challenge Yourself
Challenge Yourself

But again, most people end up wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to figure things out on their own…. they join the wrong programs with LOW commissions… purchase the most EXPENSIVE marketing software and tools… and forget to start building their reputation and a LIST in their marketing…

They basically are spinning their wheels….

Then many blame their sponsor for going into the “witness protection program” and not being available for help… when they could have joined the right mentor in the first place… and not just any sponsor in an MLM or whatever they’re promoting…

Many end up blaming the market, products or some other external factor… for their lack of momentum… Then they say online marketing really doesn’t work and they quit. I can tell you this… Working with the right mentor will help you avoid ALL of these mistakes and frustrations!

When I surrendered my pride and got a mentor I quickly learned that I wasn’t prioritizing my daily marketing tasks… I also learned I was not actually doing “income producing activities”

Having a mentor or coach will get you on the fast track to success, because it will ensure you are focusing on the path of least resistance, and the most important income producing activities daily…

This can cut your learning curve by YEARS and save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of pain and frustration.


Here’s some tips when looking for a mentor:

1A. Find a mentor that has the results you desire, but also that you can relate to…

A Mentor that is a personal trainer at the gym may not be a good fit for you, if you never workout, and don’t like receiving lessons from a “drill sergeant”

1B. Find a mentor that is accessible online and on social media with a proven track record. Imagine if you will for a moment that you found a system online and joined a sponsor/mentor to get things rolling, and when you speak with your “mentor” they get really excited and say… ” I have a confession to make… your my first sale”

This is what happens, all the time… In my experience you definitely want to work with a mentor that has earned high six figures or 7 figures online… One that has hit the TOP of leader-boards in multiple companies and has built multiple businesses… Through working with an experienced mentor, you can fast track your business… But only if you are able to surrender your ego and follow their advice and the system they have in place to help you. After all, any real opportunity with high income potential, should be one where your mentor has a vested interest in your success…

In fact, I only work with programs where my students can earn all of their monthly costs back with ONE sale… these 100% affiliate programs are the best returns on the planet because it only takes one SALE to cover
your monthly costs… Likewise, by working with the right mentor you will learn it takes the same marketing effort to earn high ticket sales as it does to generate low ticket sales… and any program that is worth it’s weight in gold will have high payout commissions on the higher ticket products so you can earn ALL or most of your initial product setup costs back in your first sale…

Finally, by working with the right mentor you will be focusing on the “critical inch” of your business and NOT spinning your wheels… But this requires that you actually show up for training/coaching webinars etc. and do the homework…

They say 5% of the worlds most affluent millionaires and billionaires earn MORE than the other 95% of the WORLD…

Be In The Top 1% !
Be In The Top 1% !

By working with the right mentor you will learn there is flip side to that equation… It means that 95% of success online is just showing up and doing the work that the other 95% of the people in the world never make the time to actually do! The fact that you are reading this blog post, this far proves you are one of the few action takers that has a genuine desire to build a better life… an extraordinary life…

Just as I have taken the time to write this blog post and share my perspective… based on my experience and thanks to the help of my mentors I have not had to work a JOB in 10 years and have earned multiple 7 figures online… I received an award on stage in the TOP 5 as a Leader and Trainer in 2008, was named the #1 earner out of 30K affiliates in 2010 in another company, was named TOP 10 and Top 25 over 11 times on Leader-boards in another
company and currently am Top 100 in a fifth company and I just got started earning over 25K in my first 35 days..

Believe me I DO have some experience with building teams and helping students over Skype, Webinars, Google Hangouts etc. But in order for my experience and expertise to be of benefit to you, you must be willing to follow
instruction from a proven system that has generated over 250 Million for our affiliates in 100% commissions…

It takes courage to get started and a surrender of one’s ego to follow a mentor and start building a business…

And one of the first steps is being cognizant that not only WHO you start with is extremely important but WHERE you start is equally paramount for your success…

I see so many bright people joining programs that have outdated marketing paradigms and tiny commissions… WHY they wouldn’t rather earn 100% commissions on digital products I’ll never figure out… they also often choose sponsors/mentors that have some success, but are not accessible… I can’t tell you how many hundreds of people that are surprised when myself or my office calls them back without selling them anything and just takes 30 minutes to help them…

I have an infrastructure in my business and it works to provide a higher level of support from the new ‘intro level’ client to the higher end products coaching client… Fortunately, since I only work with high commission, high integrity programs, I am able to offer access to my staff and my coaching included in the cost of many products… I am able to earmark a few hours a month free… based on what level of positioning a client has… and therefore provide exceptional access to assistance over Skype and the telephone to students…

Now I don’t personally speak with every client… I have a small staff and outsourced experts to help with that… but I do grant extra time to ALL IN clients that have positioned themselves for the highest echelon of success…

So I encourage you to find the right mentor and be ready to follow instruction on income producing activities…

Be COACHABLE, and I can prove to you that your first month you can start earning immediately.
Don’t think you’re the only one that goes through the struggle of learning to follow a mentor… and learn the steps to success. I went through the exact same battle too…

So I know exactly how you feel.

It wasn’t until I kept hitting my head against the wall… that I was prepared to finally just show up with pen and paper in hand…. and clear my head of preconceived notions… and realize that I didn’t know it all already.

It wasn’t until I started following the exact action steps I was told to do that I started making a fortune online with just a few hours a day…

The Only Time Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary
The Only Time Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary

STEP TWO – Determine Your “Why”

Over the years, I’ve witnessed many people that hopped online, and joined a MLM, started a website and basically get themselves into an “online business”… and I’ve also witnessed so many well meaning people get started without actually determining their overall vision and reason “Why” they started in the first place…

I learned from one of my mentors long ago in real estate that you have to have a “burning desire” and your “Why” has to resonate within yourself and with others in order for an aspiring entrepreneur to stay the course, weather the storms and come out on top as a successful entrepreneur…

And it takes a massive vision and commitment to something that is near and dear to ones heart in order to create a compelling and motivating inciting incident or “turning point”

From the inception of this journey to success you need to be strong enough to be motivated into taking massive action on a daily basis…

For me, it was being stuck in a cubicle in corporate America… working 60-70 hours a week for
an online “dotcom” company… Like many people, I had what I thought to be a decent income and a job that paid the bills and left something for saving and vacations one week a year…

And left to stay in this mediocre existence, with my basic needs being met, I could have ended up being “kinda happy” but miserable and unmotivated to finally escape the “rat race” corporate treadmill I was on…

You see, many people will never feel enough pain or have an inciting “incident” where they hit
rock bottom… and decide they will NOT accept the status quo any longer… They never reach
their breaking point or a point of transition in their life because they are working as long and as faithfully as possible for each employer… to be “safe” and provide for their families, receive health benefits, 401K etc…

It’s interesting how people living in 3rd world countries in abject poverty come to the USA and start real business after working and saving for years…

Their “Why” and desire are a incredibly strong, guiding force for change…

So why do so many Americans settle for a job with a glass ceiling on their incomes?

I think its because we all as humans, love to feel ‘safe through routines’, familiarity and repetition…And accordingly, working the same job for decades… becomes a part of that safe, familiar routine… But what about living your dreams, traveling the world, and creating a legacy for your family?

Fortunately, for me everything changed in my world in 2005… I had been dabbling with online marketing since 2001 at night after work on my computer but never had enough stress to reach my breaking point, and quit my job… I was making very little money online as a sideline… and didn’t really know WHY I was doing it… I just thought I wanted to make more money for my family to vacation more and get out of debt… I was 26K in the hole from buying all kinds of courses online and attending conference calls for $1000+ travel, financial and real estate programs I had joined over 3 years…

Then I found a really good job working for a dotcom company during the “bubble” years…

I actually earned over 180K in a single year at the height of my corporate job, but the stress from working 70 hour weeks was killing me…

The company I worked for had a policy to give “extra opportunity” to those that worked the hardest… and went the “extra mile” I was on salary plus commission… So there was no overtime…

I worked from 10AM to 6PM… or was supposed to… but rarely left the office before 9PM Monday thru Thursday… Fridays I often worked from 10AM until 8 or 9PM too… And Saturdays I worked from 10AM to 3 or 4PM on “optional shifts” to reach the “hard to reach” clients on weekends… I averaged working 60-70 hours a week and then came home and worked on my “online businesses on Sundays and a few nights a week… but I was not able to keep up with my former interest in internet marketing… since my old job was 40 hours a week and my new job was 60-to 70 hours…

I was frustrated, tired and constantly being reminded that if I failed to produce enough sales, I would lose my seat on the “inbound line” sales dept. I was constantly threatened about being put on the ‘lower lead group’ of sales reps that earned only a third of the income I was earning…

The constant pressure of my 3 bosses, and long hours came to head in Nov 2005, which is called my Black Friday story…

It was Thanksgiving and our department received a ‘memo’ reminding about 20 of us that we would be working part 3 extra hours MANDATORY the week before and the week after getting the Thursday off for Thanksgiving….

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

I was also told that the Friday after Thanksgiving was REQUIRED and there would PUNISHMENT if any of us missed Black Friday to go shopping with our families… When Thanksgiving week came my wife and I had 10 family guests staying in our home… We had prepared an enormous feast and moved furniture to accommodate them…

I hurt my back twisting to move a sofa and decided to call in a sick day at work… I explained on a voicemail what happened expecting to receive a call back early on that Black Friday AM in 2005… but I heard nothing… my phone never rang…

Upon returning to work on the following Monday I was suspended for one week, removed from the top sales department and put into the lowest level “lead group” I was warned about… It was then December with Christmas approaching and my income went down by 80%…

Meanwhile my coworkers were watching with delight as they saw me stay at my desk working thru lunch trying desperately to make sales… This went on for 2 months… until I finally reached my breaking point. I almost had a car accident after pounding my steering wheel angry because of the sales being made around me while I struggled…

Fortunately, my persistence paid off and by Feb 2006 I made it back to my former position… but not without a PLAN… And my plan was… I would earn enough money to tender my resignation and NEVER be humiliated, manipulated and embarrassed by any employer, managers, coworkers etc, ever again…

As soon as I had a few good weeks at my former income level… I tendered my resignation and I found a mentor… I started a new business online in 2006, because I knew the internet was where all of my companies sales came from…

I new quiet fortunes were being made online… and that I had to escape Corporate America if I ever was going to be able to live a life of FREEDOM. I wanted MORE TIME with my daughter… I didn’t want office politics and being punished for taking a Friday off after Thanksgiving… or for taking a Monday off when returning from a 3 day weekend to wine country in California…

My life CHANGED the day my PAIN of working a 180K a year job became greater than my FEAR of losing my job… and I said ENOUGH!

I decide from that day forward… I was working for my FAMILY and no one else! My job was literally killing me…

I had bags under my eyes, was on sleep medicines for insomnia and had stress related headaches… I later remembered sitting in a larger cubicle than the others under flickering fluorescent lights… and I was literally feeling hopeless while working that corporate job that robbed me of my identity and soul… Basically, I had no life… And my wife was tired to see me work so hard only to be unhappy… I now know that if I had kept that corporate job, I would have likely had a heart attack….

In fact, I have lost a brother to cancer who was only 48 and many friends to various stress related health issues… and I am thankful to God and my family for supporting me in my decision to leave the regular corporate world of employment in 2006… I certainly could have been less fortunate… and missed out on the life I now live… all for a six figure job that was literally killing me with stress and a lack of FREEDOM… My daughter Miranda was growing up without her father around and I would have missed all of her school concerts and achievements.

Luckily I escaped because my WHY became a stronger motivating FORCE in my LIFE than any money a corporate JOB could ever deliver…. I may have made a six figure income formerly in corporate America, but I was physically and emotionally bankrupt back then… I knew that if I didn’t find a better way to make an income, that I wouldn’t even be around for my daughter’s graduation, family trips, wedding etc.

Are you working your life away in Corporate America… and have no TIME to share with your family? Do you want to be able to spend more quality time with your kids and grandkids? Do you want real time freedom and to be able to wake up when you want in the morning?

That’s where I was. Thank God I discovered My WHY and got fed up with trading my freedom for alleged ‘security’ in corporate America…

I also thank God I found a great Mentor that helped me determine my “Why”…


Build Your Dream Instead Of Others
Build Your Dream Instead Of Others

STEP THREE – Build A List

The first thing I help my students do is get their STORY, LEAD CAPTURE pages and email AUTORESPONDER setup in the first 48 hours they are in business… Most companies leave their members to setup their
own auto-responders, write their own emails, and setup their own website capture pages… Or even worse, many sponsors that are following a company presentation just advise new marketers to use the same “cookie cutter” OPT IN capture pages to generate leads… These leadpages are being used by thousands of affiliates and do ZERO to brand the new affiliate as an entrepreneur with a unique selling proposition (USP)

Part of following the right mentor is setting up the right MARKETING... this is where we work with you one-on-one to help you present YOU to the world and build awareness for your own BRAND…

We provide everything from helping you write your mission statement to the world, press release, and even putting your photo and Bio up on your blog/website casting you in the most professional and positive light… Once we have introduced you and setup your lead systems and email auto-responders, we can teach you how to start building a list of subscribers… every time someone from social media, your blog, a website, lead capture page opt in for free information, an e-book or other lead magnet you will be building a valuable list of subscribers to connect with…

By offering value and content that actually helps prospects find the right mentor and systems, you can also recommend tools, training and traffic sources… and earn affiliate commissions on down the road that can add up to thousands of dollars every month in addition to your main products and system residual monthly commissions…

Lost Time Is Never Found Again - Benjamin Franklin
Lost Time Is Never Found Again – Benjamin Franklin

STEP FOUR – Create Content

Content is KING the saying in SEO circles used to go… And although Google’s algorithm changes each year, the fact is helpful, relevant content that gets ‘liked’ thru social media, and includes video content, can get ranked higher in search engine result pages.

The ability to offer insight, your perspective and tips to prospective customers thru a blog, article, press release or video is an important step in building rapport.

Sharing knowledge and marketing strategies you have learned demonstrates value to your readers and creates reciprocity. Your subscribers will want to do business with you because you have educated them and helped them ask better questions. Once you start creating quality content from training, webinars and books you have read… That’s when sharing your insight can create a paradigm shift in your business.

People will begin to appreciate you as more than just a marketer…

You will become a top producer and leader in your field… show your results from marketing strategies you have tested and you will begin to build a following of interested online students. Use an auto-responder to build your list and create relationships with your followers. The more content you create, the more followers will appreciate your efforts and witness your results at the same time. the best sermon is a good example… show screen shots and proof of your results and watch as more and more leads pour in…

All because you took the time to document your strategies and results… Knowledge is not power until it is applied… By creating content, you are helping new aspiring online entrepreneurs, to take action and this creates a relationship where they want to do business with you.

Also, remember to share your ‘story and struggles’ Be cognizant of the fact that your STORY is unique and has value. Understand that your STORY can motivate and inspire another human being to take their first steps towards financial freedom… They may finally muster up the courage to join you and go ALL IN with their mindset, training and investment into their online education by buying many additional products from you… this investment into their own education can make all the difference… and help them to attain their own personal breakthrough.

Why tell your STORY? We all see ourselves in other people… they are called ‘archetypes’ and just as in novels, movies and on stage…. we all love the ‘hero story’… We all recognize the triumph of someone beating the odds, overcoming frustration and moving past great obstacles to create real financial, spiritual and emotional freedom..

It typically takes 7 or more ‘touches’ or ‘connections’ (exposures) to enroll a new person into a business. By providing value first, sharing your story and documenting your results in the content you create, you will be using attraction marketing the correct way… Spamming someone’s wall on Facebook with links is NOT attraction marketing… creating content, fostering good will and listening to your prospects problems and offering solutions based on your own expertise and experience IS attraction marketing at its finest…

But where do you put your content?

Good question! You need a central hub, or blog, like this one that will allow you to create online real estate where people can gain access to your value all in one place.

This allows you to provide value 24/7, seven days a week… Even while you are sleeping. So where do you start? Click on any of the banners on this blog. Or just click here.


Facebook Marketing Tips - By Robert Probst
Facebook Marketing Tips – By Robert Probst

STEP FIVE – Connect Thru Social Media

There are over 1 billion users on Facebook…. Today more than ever, people are using social media platforms like Instagram,Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, to connect to information… but more importantly, to connect with people. ..

And yet, so many people seem totally confused and overwhelmed about the right way to connect through social media channels…

Here are a few ways to really connect with others through social media:

1. Create Content that inspires others. Half the battle of connecting with others on social media is offering your perspective, opinions and insight. Things like current events, travel, hobbies, music, gourmet food… whatever you’re interested in, share your perspective thru creating content on social media… just posting photos and links to articles is not the same as offering your perspective! Create value in your content that encourages, motivates, and inspires others that have the same passion that drives you…

2. Take A Genuine Interest – Reading your friends posts and taking a genuine interest in whatever their group, social media post or video is truly about, is real engagement… Social interaction requires you to be social… not just giving “likes” or a thumbs up… Post comments, ask questions and interact with others in the group, post or video comments… when others see that you have similar interests and are passionate about them, they will appreciate your input even more… this is what winning friends and influencing people is all about.

4. Attitude of Gratitude – Smile! And show your appreciation for the friends you have made online. Waking up in the morning and being thankful for the gift of life, family, friends is far better for your own mental health and spiritual well being, than posting negative news and gossip on social media…
Many people engage in posting their ‘victim’ stories and frustrations all over social media… trust me, everyone struggles with problems, fears, depression, health issues… be a beacon of light instead of a misery loves company social media story… A smile and positive attitude is what attracts people… an inspirational story of triumph and words of encouragement that help someone start off their day, will go a lot further towards creating an environment where new connections are made… Be grateful and watch as your friends list grows!

STEP 6 – Solve Problems For Your Prospects

Robert Probst at Dream Racing School
Robert at Dream Racing School
People do business with people that they know, like and trust and people that they are either like or that they aspire to be like. But how do you earn their business?

Here’s how. Solve problems and showcase results from you and from your students.

Create ‘How-To Information. Showing readers ‘How To” solver their biggest challenges is one of the best ways to build rapport with them and become a successful online marketer. Blogging and offering solutions to the most common obstacles for new, intermediate and event advanced marketers can make all the difference and spell success for your business…

Create Quality Content – It all starts with demonstrating value with quality unique, content… Begin by addressing the most common problems new marketers face and use your story and the stories of your team members or students as examples of how a problem was solved… By writing blog posts that solve peoples’ problems and backing up your advice with real results from customers that have applied your strategies, you will build CREDIBILITY that makes even the most skeptical person want to do business with you…

Ask Better Questions – And creating useful content doesn’t stop with just blogging about your results and problems solving skills… It continues with setting up email marketing, surveys and videos that ask questions to your prospects to help identify new challenges they are currently facing in their marketing… Just as you document your own results, ask questions about their marketing challenges and results… Once you have asked your prospects better questions you will know what problems to help them solve and you will be 10X more likely to convert that blog traffic into sales…

Sure, if you write helpful tips your subscribers on your blog or email list will likely want to do business with you, but by continuing to offer new strategies and answers to the latest marketing challenges, you will prove you have gone the extra mile and actually and committed to helping your readers succeed.

Answer Questions On Social Media – By being accessible to your readers on social media, you can further demonstrate that you are a full time entrepreneur, marketer or coach that is committed to providing value… By keeping up with questions from friends, subscribers on social media you will be far better than the sponsor that “went into the witness protection program” as was never around to help the average newbie marketer…

By being present on social media and building your team there, you will have a continual pipeline of leads and problems to help solve… the more you are committed to helping people solve their problems, the more your income will grow… its that simple… Solving problems for customers, being available and offering cutting edge strategies will serve to build up your reputation online as a leader and problem solver.

Many clients will want to purchase training thru Skype, Webinars and other classroom training since they know you are a business leader.


Work With A Mentor & Team That Is Available Daily On Facebook To Help You. Plug Into Our Facebook Mastery Bootcamp & Start getting Results Today!
Work With A Mentor & Team That Is Available Daily On Facebook To Help You. Plug Into Our Facebook Mastery Bootcamp & Start getting Results Today!

STEP SEVEN – Become A Leader & Pay It Forward

(Give Back thru Charity & Team Building)

Nothing ventured nothing gained… If right now at this moment you truly want to create the life of success you envision, then today is really the first day of the rest of your life…

You can become a leader by implementing the strategies and tools you have received from your mentor. You can also follow all of the above steps to start building your list and team. Document your results, solve prospects problems, build credibility and rapport, being available on social media and asking better questions is a great start to building your business and yourself as a leader… And you can now move into a leadership role by learning and implementing strategies with the knowledge that you will be sharing your results later with your students…

You can start by studying and keeping a journal of what you have learned… Take notes from webinars and training you have purchased and share that knowledge with your team…

You can start by being aware that the tools, training and traffic generation strategies you’re learning about, you will be sharing with your customers… As you continue to learn new strategies make sure to SHARE what you just learned…

You can also share the strategies on a you tube video, on a Google hangout, in a blog post, or on Facebook. TEST each new strategy for a few days to collect valuable data (results), and then SHARE your results with your team on social media. This is a really effective way to demonstrate value and gain a following on social media.

And then there is one final step…

7 Steps To Online Success – Conclusion

Never Give Up On Your Dreams! - Robert Probst
Never Give Up On Your Dreams! – Robert Probst

Once you have started to gain many new customers or down-line members, it is important to follow up on their progress, and make sure they are getting the results they deserve.

I always put together my own fast start training, 12 step advertising outlines, and other recommended tools for my clients… and then have 15, 30 and 45 day follow up calls and webinars to ensure there is duplication on our team.

If you are in direct sales or affiliate marketing instead of team building your efforts should be focused on helping customers get the most value out their products and marketing. Building a team culture and helping affiliates, down-line clients etc, to build their own brand online is going to “pay it forward” and they will thank you for your dedication…

I have built teams with thousands of members and have provided toll-free support to my team.

Team building and paying it forward means going the extra mile to provide hangouts, millionaire mentoring webinars and team events that inspire your team into taking massive action for their customers too..

This creates an environment of winning, where everyone works to build their business together. Align yourself with a company and leader that is committed to holding events and creating leaders.

Pay it forward with your clients by offering live support and training and watch as your business grows. Also remember to give back to local and international charities and encourage others to do the same… There is a bigger picture when you start earning five, six, seven or even eight figures online…

Money is a by-product of effort that can be used for greater purposes than material things… I have raised money for the following organizations: Wounded Warriors, Make a Wish Foundation, Susan G, Komen, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Charity Water (wells) Red Cross, St. Judes and March of Dimes…

I have encouraged all of our team to get involved with a local charity and an international one to give back to those less fortunate…

Your ongoing donations no matter how small, can mean the difference of a child getting safe water to drink in a 3rd world nation, families having food and shelter, veterans overcoming post traumatic stress issues or patients surviving cancer. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing you have made a difference.

Change your mindset, take action with these steps… and you can change the world….

Now let’s do this!

To Your Online Success!

Robert Probst





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Facebook Marketing 101 – Top 10 Strategies

Facebook Marketing Tips - 10 Strategies To Boost Your Social Media Conversions!
Facebook Marketing Tips – 10 Strategies To Boost Your Social Media Conversions!

Facebook Marketing 101 – Top Strategies

Congratulations! You’re on Facebook and have started liking and sharing posts and adding new friends… You’ve posted enough pics to start your own Dropbox service… And you’ve started a Facebook profile that has caught the attention of new friends spanning the globe… 🙂 People from your past have literally come out of the woodwork…. 🙂 to connect with you on Facebook! Aside from your circle of influence, you want to build an audience… right? If you want to truly connect with people to build your business on Facebook, you must remember first that Facebook is a social network… You want to share your talents, products and services that you have to offer to the world… But how do you create real, lasting connections with your newly found audience? And what are the best ways to utilize Facebook to connect with others and increase your business reach at the same time?

Here are my Top Strategies for utilizing Facebook to Increase Your Exposure:

These Tips will help you better utilize Facebook while complying with their guidelines and keeping harmony with those you seek to connect with. These strategies all relate to helping you achieve the following:

  1. Building Your Brand Awareness
  2. Increasing Engagement
  3. Driving Traffic To Your Website
  4. Boosting Traffic To Your Blog
  5. Building Your Subscriber List


Facebook Marketing - Social Media Marketing Tips
Facebook Marketing – Social Media Marketing Tips

So how do you make sure you’re reaching your target audience and creating connections and lasting relationships on Facebook? In this post I’m going to share with you my personal ‘Top 10 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies to increase your exposure on Facebook!

1. Setting Up Your Personal Facebook Profile

When it comes to dialing in your profile on Facebook, remember that Facebook is a social network… and it should be treated with the right etiquette and personalized attention accordingly. This means socializing with others on Facebook and taking a genuine interest in them… In order to create an interest in your business thru your personal profile you have to build relationships with potential customers. However, according to Facebook’s Terms of Service, as marketers, we’re not permitted to engage others on the Facebook social network platform solely for business purposes. In other words, using our personal profiles for business is prohibited. New to Facebook? Are You Setting Up Your Profile For the First Time?

Here are 10 ways to leverage your personal Facebook profile for business.


1a. Set up Your Complete profile – This includes using a clear color photo ‘head shot’ and creating an “About Me” page.

This step is important so people can get to know who you are and what your background and interests are. Fill out all of the questions in the Facebook profile and even list your favorite books, quotes, movies and professional or personal interests, hobbies etc.

Make sure 90% of the posts you share in valuable content, interesting articles and videos and less than 10% links to your blog and business. – Robert Probst

Post content and provide value first and foremost. You can also share posts from your lifestyle and share more of who you are.

surfing on the beach. Laptop display is cut with clipping path
surfing on the beach. Laptop display is cut with clipping path

Remember, You can’t use your Facebook personal profile strictly for business. However, there are many ways you can leverage the activities in your personal profile to benefit your business and build relationships… As we connect and keep in touch in ways that were impossible before social media, our personal and professional pages often blend together… However, it is best to consider setting up a separate business ‘fan page’ in order to best utilize social media marketing.

Show Your True Colors

Be Yourself… Let your personality shine through! We all hear about the new saying:

May your life be as wonderful as you pretend it is on Facebook! 🙂

Many make the mistake of ‘turning Facebook into Fakebook’ Be honest with what you share about yourself and your business! When you allow some of your personality to blend into the conversations you have with your friends and followers on Facebook… you gain trust. And building trust and respect from your friends and followers is extremely important with a Facebook profile.

1b: Allow the Public to Follow to Your Personal Profile

The Follow function allows people to see all of your public updates without you having to accept them as a friend. Followers see your status updates in their news feed. By allowing the public to follow your profile you give potential customers the opportunity to see your personality, lifestyle, and valued content, that you share along with your business on Facebook. The ability to share about your personal ideology and lifestyle, while sharing about how your business can benefit anyone, is one of the best ways to create an ‘invisible selling’ environment on Facebook.

Make Money Online With Facebook In Just A Few Hours A Week
Make Money Online With Facebook In Just A Few Hours A Week

2. Leverage the Existing Traffic to Your Site

Every business should have it’s very own website. Not only will it serve as a storefront, but it’s a perfect place for people to learn about your products or services. Leveraging traffic on your site can easily be done. putting clickable social media icons on your site directs traffic to any social media account pages you have. Facebook or LinkedIn, for example. The photo below provides a great example.

Hot Facebook Marketing Tip: Make sure to put your social media icons where they can easily be seen, like the top of your page. This will ensure a much higher click thru rate or CTR.

3. Creating A Fan Page – Utilizing Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is invaluable. By providing details that identify your target audience (gender, age group location…), Facebook insights determines demographic information about the kind of visitors who would be prone to visit and like your fan page.

Facebook ‘Insights’ also tracks your ‘promoted posts’ and Facebook Ads Manager shows you the way people are engaging with your posts. Seriously considering setting up your own Facebook fan page for your business? Consider these points:

A Facebook fan page, despite being an under-used tool, offers many advantages..

• Facebook Fanpages allow ‘re targeting’. This enables you to create a pixel on your Fan page to re-target followers once they have left your page. • Facebook Fanpages give you the chance to share content about your business without spamming all of your contacts. • Facebook Fanpages allow unlimited fans & followers… instead of limiting your ‘profile’ to 5000 friends as in a normal Facebook profile page.

10 Facebook Marketing Tips For 2015-2016
10 Facebook Marketing Tips For 2015-2016

“Money is in the list”, as the saying goes… and creating an audience equates to building a list. This especially goes for a targeted Facebook audience.

Therefore step one is to build your business’s fan page and build that very audience. You can increase visibility to your brand by providing valuable content for your audience. More people will connect with you if they appreciate your content or are able to learn something important from it.

Prove your expertise on a topic by sharing a blog post on Facebook regarding your goods or services. This is a great way to create results rather than just simply trying to sell to your audience. Don’t be afraid to Network. Encourage your contacts to engage and share posts with their very own connections.

It’s all about your business reaching the largest audience possible.

Being social goes a long way too. After all Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Make sure to create posts that speak in a language that will keep your fans intrigued. Also make sure to respond to your fan’s messages in a timely manner.

After all, your audience wants to be reassured that they are corresponding to an actual person, so the human element can go a long way. Now you will see your fan’s insight and notice which ones are the most engaged with your content.

Each successive week you will be able to see your progress in comparison to previous weeks. One of the coolest features of Facebook ‘Insights’ is that you are able to compare your progress to that of your competition. You’ll be able to find out if your approach works with your fans, or if something needs a little tweaking.

Facebook Daily Stats
Facebook Daily Stats

4. Use Your E-mail Signature to Display Your Fan Page URL

Use your e-mail signature to display your fan page’s URL If you’re using e-mail as one of the ways to reach your customers. This is very effective. Your recipient will easily see, and probably click on your social media page’s URL beneath your message or at your signature.

This can easily convert into traffic or a following. Hot Facebook Marketing Tip: Include current events you have posted to your social media pages on your e-mail signature with a call to action! Example: Like us on Facebook to receive a free gift!

5. Target the right audience on each post

With the information gathered through Facebook insights you are able to make sure your posts are targeted and shown to the people who actually want to see them. You can narrow down your posts on your Facebook page by segment of your fans.

I target posts on Facebook like so:

Gender, Relationship status, Education, Age: This is really effective for eCommerce or brick and mortar business, though our post engagement isn’t affected by these targeting capabilities.

Location: The majority of people engaging with our page are in the US, followed by the The UK, with the third being from Japan. Language: English, Spanish and Japanese speaking Customer support specialists are available.

Though our posts are in English, those three languages are targeted so that if someone has their language settings on Spanish they’ll see my posts in the their language and potentially drive traffic to it. Interests: The content you are sharing varies based upon your target interests.

For example, as a company that creates simple marketing tools, we will always want to target marketers. However, if I was sharing this article I’d also want to target those who are interested in Facebook ads, Facebook marketing etc. It’s important to note that it will target each interest individually.

Therefore the more interests you pick the larger your target audience will be. Here’s what my Interest targeting might look like for this article (you’ll understand why by the end of it). Post end date: Post end date is great if you’re posting something like a webinar. If you post about your webinar on the Monday and the webinar is on the Wednesday you could set your post end date for when the webinar starts.

Facebook Marketing Tips - New Strategies
Facebook Marketing Tips – New Strategies

6. Incorporate videos into your posts

The best way to get organic traffic is to included an imbedded video into your post, and the reason is simple. It’s a combination of two things: Firs , Facebook has done extensive customer research that determined that their users want to see videos more than they do images, links, or text posts. Second, Facebook always favors a post that keeps their users on Facebook, rather than taking them away to an external link. Obviously Facebook wants posts that ensure users remain on their own platform. This ensures more business for Facebook. Uploading a video directly to Facebook, rather than using Youtube, which is a third party link, ensures that the video will automatically play when visitors view your post. Now, remember the video will start automatically, but without sound. So here are my best tips for making a successful Facebook video:

Learn The Short Cuts With Our 28 Day Facebook Mastery 'Boot Camp'
Learn The Short Cuts With Our 28 Day Facebook Mastery ‘Boot Camp’

Since there won’t be sound when your visitor first sees your video post, you want to engage and captivate them in the first three seconds:

This means be as visually striking as possible. Graphics, movement, colors, signs and anything that will make the video pop can ensure that it grabs the attention of the Facebook user. Remember captivation is the key.

You want the user to stop and press the volume button in the corner of the video. Always create a call-to-action:

This should always appear at the very end of your video. You can a link, a landing page, your blog etc, but make sure it’s directly related to the video. Again, your call to action should always appear at the tail end of your video. Your video needs to be able to speak in it’s own voice and stand alone to tell the whole story The main message must come across in the video, and if possible always use visuals to communicate your message.

7. Use Facebook Ads

If you are a start up business, Facebook ads will give you a much needed leg up.

Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and you’ll love them once you tried to test them to get the best conversion that can impact your followers and your business growth. Consistent testing and experiments are necessary once you use them. Facebook ads currently help you create your campaign depending on the results you want to gain:

  • Facebook Page Engagement— Ads that boost your posts and increase likes, comments, shares, video plays, and photo views
  • Facebook Page Likes— Ads to build your audience on Facebook
  • Clicks to Website— Ads to encourage people to visit your website
  • Website Conversions— Ads to promote specific actions for people to take on your website; you’ll need a conversion-tracking pixel to measure your results
  • App Installs— Ads to encourage people to install your app
  • App Engagement— Ads that get more activity on your app
  • Event Responses— Ads to promote your event
  • Offer Claims— Ads to promote offers you created; you’ll need to use an offer you’ve created on Facebook or create a new one

The setup for each ad varies depending on what results you want to see. Below are few things you might want to consider when you set up your ads:

  • Target your desired audience (gender, age, locations). If you use Google Analytics display tracking, you can use the data from there and use it for re-targeting.
  • Use an engaging picture if you’re planning to use Facebook ads for your page or external pages.
  • Use an easy-to-answer or an engaging ads description, here’s an example.

If you’re selling gift items, you might want to put something like this: “If you think giving gifts can make someone smile, Like Us today!” Since the text is easily answerable by Yes or No, those people who most likely say “yes” will be converted as your fans. Trust me, this is so effective. Note: You can only use 90 characters for your Facebook ads text/description.

8. Create a series of Facebook ads aimed at the same goal

Facebook recently ran an experiment which examined the difference between sequenced (what I’ll be explaining in this section) and non-sequenced ads (one ad at a time):

“Among those who were exposed to the sequenced ads compared with those who were exposed to the non-sequenced ads, there was an 87% increase in people visiting the landing page.” The Purpose of a Facebook add is to engage your target audience and keep them enthralled. You can do this by showing them a sequence of ads all with the same goal.

This way if the first add they see doesn’t resonate with them, the following ads in the sequence will have a better chance to create resonance. What’s important is to have a well thought out and single goal, whether it’s a specific product or even a designated landing page. Let’s say you are looking to drive traffic to a landing page, for example. You can include a free trial of your product. You should create a series of at least three ads. Base these ads on your target audience and how far along they have come in your sales funnel.

Create Massive Sales & Conversions Thru Social Media Marketing On Facebook The RIGHT Way! JOIN the 28 Day Facebook Mastery Boot Camp.
Create Massive Sales & Conversions Thru Social Media Marketing On Facebook The RIGHT Way! JOIN the 28 Day Facebook Mastery Boot Camp.

9. Use Facebook’s Multi-Product Ads in your ‘Re-targeting’ strategy

Facebook multi-product ads look and feel the same as a Google Ad but they allow much better targeting An advertiser using Facebook Multi- Ads can show up to three different products in just one ad. This is simply done by setting up coding on your website so you can track which pages a person went to on your website. So if a person visits your site, sees your ad but doesn’t make a purchase, the next time they visit your site, because of this coding, they will see different items in your ad!

10. Facebook content needs to be familiar, timely or novel if you want it to be shared

Variety is the spice of life of course, and these holds true when it comes to placing your ads. What better way to ensure that your audience is going to click on your ads by providing them with as many options as possible, with different lengths of headlines, pictures and videos. It’s all about finding that right emotional chord to strike and making sure your links come off as valuable to our audience.

If you are unsure of what to write, keep in mind that familiar content is critical:

Cater to people’s emotions and humanize your posts so that people are able to relate.

Another critical form of content is timely content, so make sure to keep an eye on what is trending and use relevant hashtags. This way when people do a search, they can find it on your Facebook page. Just be sure to do your research on this kind of content, that way you you won’t use it in a misleading way. Then there is novel content. Create original posts so that Facebook users will feel more excited about clicking on your post and engaging with your business. Try using a new tone, format or something that is in stark contrast to your competitors to stand out.

Create Massive Sales & Conversions Thru Social Media Marketing On Facebook The RIGHT Way! JOIN the 28 Day Facebook Mastery Boot Camp.
Create Massive Sales & Conversions Thru Social Media Marketing On Facebook The RIGHT Way! JOIN the 28 Day Facebook Mastery Boot Camp.


11. Determine the Best Day to Post On Facebook – Increasing Your Engagement Tip #1

Facebook Insights will give you the average time when your fans are online. Your posts should be planned accordingly. You can access your Posts Insights by following the steps below:

  • Go to your Facebook Page.
  • You will see “See Insights” above your Page, click it.
  • You will see your Insights overview from there, find the Posts tab and click it.
  • Hover your mouse on the day you want your post to be scheduled and you will able to see the best hours that your fans are online.

Alternatively, tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social will help you find the data and metrics you need including what type of post you should be using for your social media copies..

12. Create and Schedule Your Status Updates

The average daily active user on Facebook is 757 million, according to a January 2014 report. And a certain percentage from those millions of people could be your next potential customers. If you want to use Facebook for maximum advantage, you need to post contents for your target audience with consistency. Your goals should be either to educate, to entertain, or to empower them. There are also some Facebook posting statistics that you might want to consider when creating your status updates:

  • Using emoticons increases comments by 33% and makes posts be shared 33% more often and get liked 57% more often than posts without emoticons (source: AMEX OPEN Forum info-graphic.)
  • Question posts get more comments (source: HubSpot).

Scheduling Your Facebook Status Updates: Facebook has a built-in feature that allows you to schedule a post to appear on your page later. Or you can use Hootsuite, Jetpack or any other Social Media Campaign Management Software… More on the in a later post I have on using Social Network Auto Post, Jetpack and Hootsuite, coming soon.

Facebook Marketing 101 – Top Strategies – Conclusion

There you have it, 12 of the best strategies… and most current ways that you can utilize Facebook in your social media marketing strategy. Have you been keeping up-to-date with Facebook as it’s changed over the years? Are there any new Facebook best practices you’ve found work?

I look forward to assisting you with increasing your exposure online and on Facebook.

Connect with me on Facebook BTW, I’m usually already at 5000 friends… 🙂 So just click ‘follow’… and you will see all my posts and status updates… I look forward to helping you and keeping you in the loop of what’s working now as I travel and earn online… Cheers! Here’s to YOU living the laptop lifestyle too 🙂 Also be sure to connect with me on my Facebook Fanpage! All the best! Robert Probst Questions? Comments? Join the conversation below!

Me At The 2015 Go Pro Event With Tony Robbins and Over 7K People!
Me At The 2015 Go Pro Event With Tony Robbins and Over 7K People!