5/21/2020 by Charlie Fortune

It’s a blessing to have my automatic virtual assistant (AVA) closes sales for me in my business without me even having to speak to a soul. Trust me I’m living this moment every single day.

Whats even crazy is that I’ve been using this other special tool that allows me to send out 200 text messages everyday to fresh leads and still manage to make sales consistently. Watch my video below and see for yourself:)

AVA And Her Partner In Crime Join Forces

The video above shows you how both programs compliment eachother and allows you to reach a massive audience over time if done consistently and correctly.

The best part about SMS Phone leads is not having to buy any leads since your text messages are already going to the freshest leads that SPL generates. This can also work with any other make money online programs that you are a part of.

I Do This In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1) Get your SMS Phone Leads number.

Step 2) Get usage credits to use with your number.

Step 3) Use the text blaster to craft a message and click send.

You can get this all set up in as little as 5 minutes from now. Takes me less than a minute myself to send out these messages that will bring leads and sales.

Want To Send Text Messages And Get Leads And Sales? Click Here

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