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Instant Pot Cold Start Yogurt (Canadian Version)


Cold Start Instant Pot Yogurt (Canadian Version)

When I first heard about cold start Instant Pot yogurt, I was intrigued and excited. I mean who doesn’t want to do less work to get the same results am I right 😜

Basically cold start refers to not having to pre heat the milk to 180 degrees then cooling it to 110 before adding the starter.

My excitement bubble was soon bursted when I learned Canada did not seem to have the magical dairy products required for this mysterious cold start method.

In the USA, Fairlife milk and Fage yogurt are the coveted key ingredients required to accomplish  cold start yogurt with no straining.

I have tried and tested multiple Canadian dairy products with no success.. until now!

The online recipes I found are quick to say Natrel is the magic milk for cold start but they fail to deliver the real key to success.

Thanks to Facebook Instant Pot communities the secret to cold start Instant Pot yogurt has become a reality.

During a cold start yogurt experiment, I posted in the USA Facebook Instant Pot Community. I noted what I was using and finally the Canadians began chiming in on the missing link regarding my failures. Teamwork really does make the dream work. Here is what I learned and my first successful cold start yogurt.

It turns out, the keys to success are a lactose free milk and a plain yogurt starter containing active bacterial cultures. Until last night I believed the milk had to be fine filtered as well. So I ran a test using the products below (not fine filtered) and had success 🎉🎉🎉

I used 16 cups of Lactancia 3% lactose free milk with 2 tablespoons of plain Oikos Greek yogurt.

Added milk and starter together cold in the pot (I used my 8 quart duo 7 in 1) and whisked  thoroughly. Set incubation time for 10 hours.

The result……. Ta Da!!

I cooled for 5 hours before straining this for an additional 3 hours. Straining time will always depend on how thick you like your yogurt. Our family likes a thick Greek yogurt texture. This batch came out a perfect regular yogurt texture before straining.

This particular batch also had a natural mild and slightly sweet taste thanks to the sweet tasting nature of the milk used.

Using Natrel fine filtered lactose free milk would cut the sweetness if you are concerned about the flavor.

For a complete lactose free yogurt simply use a lactose free yogurt as your starter. Just make certain it is plain and contains active bacterial cultures for best results.

Hope this recipe helps others and I will continue to test and update as I experiment more 😁