How would you like to make $27,000.00 dollars a month while learning how to start and run a business?

The incredible 8-Step program that gets your business up and running!

The 8-step program to get you started in your own business! 

We Teach You How To Start A Business Plain and Simple!
“I would rather have one percent of the effort of one hundred men working for me rather than one hundred percent of my own efforts” – Americas first Billionaire J. Paul Getty

Dear Friend,

I would like to take this time to personally welcome you to what we feel is one of the most innovative programs to come along in the twenty-first century; Currency Circulator! With the changing economic landscape and technological developments that have changed every aspect of our daily lives a program of this nature was bound to be given birth to!

I thought long and hard about the verbiage that should go into a sales page. You know the magical key words that would induce a prospective customer to join your program by making wild and fanciful claims of success. I didn’t see any need to do this with this particular program. When I announced the beta testing for the system almost everyone who ​was introduced to it joined immediately. Since it’s launch date people are still joining every hour!

Currency Circulator is not a gimmick of any sorts. It is a referral based program that it predicated on an MLM platform. It is a well thought out system developed for the purpose of creating a society of entrepreneurs and repairing much of the damage foisted on the minds of much of the general public as a result of industrial age programming.​ You know, the “go to school, get good grades, graduate and find a good job” mantra that has been pumped into all of our heads since we could remember.

Why is it that no ones teaches us how to become competent businessmen and women? Why are there no programs that will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of developing your ideas and monetizing them?

Public means ‘government funded’ and the government only funds what is in their best interest…not yours. If you want to become a businessman or woman then you are going to have to get yourself a private education. Not private in the sense of cloak and dagger, but private in the sense of the absence of government funding.

Currency Circulator answers the call! By taking the time proven success principles of Network Marketing and merging it with a step by step educational system, the Currency Circulator program takes you through the successive stages of incorporating your business all the way to that of an investor!

Currently a vast majority of you that are reading this are employed at a job trading time for dollars. This is a model that has never been proven to create financial freedom in the history of money as your capacity to create wealth is very limited. There are only twenty-four hours in a day and only one of you, so from that line of reasoning you may well conclude that your income earning potential has a ceiling. In a world of unlimited abundance that is an anathema to the Natural Law of the Universe.

Currency Circulator’s innovative technique of using hands on training seeks to affect the belief system of the individual by showing them exactly how businesses are created from the ground up. Immersing them in the actual activity of business creation.

One of the most challenging barriers to teaching individuals that they have the capacity to monetize their innate creativity is that of changing their mindset. One of the greatest quotes I ever read was from Robert Kiosaki, world renown author of the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ where he is quoted as saying:

“Broke is temporary…poor is forever”

This quote is not referring to your current condition as it appears externally, it is referring to mindset that perpetuates itself in communities across the globe…that of a poor state of mind! If the mind of the individual cannot be brought in line with Natural Law principles of wealth and abundance then their condition will never change!

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