TBCs Disclamer – The Truth Revealed

Http://kringlegift.com – In this video I compare and contrast the difference between other cryptocurrencies and TBC. I also discus the reality of what TBC represents and why we should all embrace it.

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It is advised that before you become a Member of TBC or Open a TBC Wallet that you not only read this entire DISCLAIMER—YOU STUDY IT!

As with ALL financial decisions, buying TBC coins carries a RISK!  Individual results vary widely from person to person within the TBC community, and no guarantees of “Real” financial gains are offered.  Buy TBC coins at your own risk!

That’s the short version of our DISCLAIMER.

Clearly, the purchase of TBC coins has delivered compounded growth of 1% to 5% daily on the value of TBC coins, automatically.  No activity that you do is required to enjoy the compound(ed) growth of value on the TBC coins you purchase(d).  At this time, extraction of those gains does require time and effort.  None of the existing TBC exchanges offer the ability to cash in TBC coins with just a click of the mouse on your computer.  Peer to peer sales has been the fastest way to sell TBC coins so far, and that does require time and effort.  So, wealth creation within the TBC community is set up to be automatic.  Yet, extracting that wealth will require time and effort.

The Creator of TBC believes the RISKS of not participating in the TBC opportunity carry far greater costs than the RISKS associated with purchasing TBC Coins.  “Loss of Opportunity” is a very real RISK!  It is strongly believed by many of the existing Members within the TBC community that we will grow our Memberships to over a Billion Members within the year 2017.  TBC will become a force of nature at that time and the value of each TBC coin will lock in at 1,000,000,000.00 Euros per coin.  How much does just 1 TBC coin cost today?  Compare that value, and that is the percent of potential loss to those today that choose not to purchase TBC coins.  Will extracting the full value of each TBC coin become easier or harder as we mature as a large worldwide community?  Naturally, it will become easier, and at some point, in the future we predict that you will gain the capacity to extract the wealth gained by just a click of the mouse on your computer.  Bitcoin, the parent of TBC, has already proven that this is possible.

The “Loss of Opportunity” RISK is the least of your concerns.  You could call TBC a “Protest Currency or Coin.”  There is a very real “Hidden Hand” that controls the world through MONEY—aka The Elite.  They have a very evil agenda.  They more or less have complete control over most of the governments in the world—government equals rule by force.  Democide is the leading cause of unnatural death—innocent people killed by their own governments.

The Elite control the media.  Your brain is a biological computer, the media feeds “Inputs” into your brain, and they are “Programming” you to be a slave to their system.

I could go on and on about how far reaching the tentacles of the Elite go into every institution on planet Earth.

Let’s talk about what is coming next in the “Agenda” of the Elite.  They are ready to completely collapse the entire global economy and create a situation where the people will gladly accept receiving the human RFID chip implant as the solution to that crisis.  Cash will become worthless globally.  This has all been carefully planned and engineered to happen.  They do have the absolute power to eliminate CASH!  Mankind has been programmed to love technology, and for many, the human RFID chip implant will seem to make sense to them as a good solution to that engineered financial crisis.  UNLESS THEY ARE AWAKE!  NO ONE THAT IS AWAKENED WILL ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE CHIPPED!  Receiving this chip will lead to the complete loss of your humanity because that technology will interface with the DNA manipulation technology already built and standing by to be implemented out to the masses.  That is the ultimate goal of the Elite in their Agenda for mankind.  COMPLETE AND UTTER CONTROL TO ENSLAVE MANKIND—BODY; MIND; AND SOUL–THROUGH A HIVE MIND TO DO EVIL.  WAKE UP!!!

TBC empowers mankind and demonstrates a clear alternative to the so-called solution of getting chipped.  The basis on which TBC rests is also AGREEMENT.  Now let’s talk about MONEY.  Before there was money, mankind bartered.  Like trading chickens for a pig.  Man, has always had the God given right to make agreements such as that.  Mankind used many different things as money like sea shells.  But most agreed Gold was the best form of money as a medium of exchange.  Yes, money is an agreement.  Later society accepted paper money, and then plastic cards.  That’s when money became digital for the masses.  Plastic!  Plastic attached to a computer account–Digital Money.  Bitcoin introduced the first crypto-currency, and the 1st transaction was an agreement to exchange 10,000 Bitcoins for 2 Pizzas.  Those would be million dollars’ pizzas by the current price of Bitcoin.  But once again, it was by agreement to exchange Bitcoin for Pizza.

The problem today, is the Golden Rule.  He who has the Gold makes all the rules.  The Elite of this world control everything through money.  Did we all agree on what the Elite are doing with all that money?  No!  We did not agree!  The Elite are evil people!

TBC is free of the control of the Elite.  TBC is not market driven.  TBC brings abundance to all.  TBC will End Poverty globally, in 2018.  All because of the Membership Agreement.  We all promised as Members of TBC to never devalue TBC from the Current Price.  The price is the price and we all honor it through AGREEMENT.  Agreement equals Money.  When one billion people come together in 2017, to agree that TBC should be worth 1 Billion Euros per TBC coin, it will surely be so.  Transactions will flow freely at that time, at that value.  Means to cash in all of your TBC at full value will become available, at that time.  Admin has some wonderful surprises in store for all of us.  Let’s make it easy for Admin to come through for all of us, by honoring all of our agreements; especially the TBC Membership Agreement.

So, will you continue to fall for the tricks of the Elite, or, will you clearly see the real RISKS and support TBC as the global solution to the looming financial crisis?  END OF DISCLAIMER.

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